The absence of the new product launch in autumn has raised the attention of iPhone 12 again. As this is the first time that iPhone supports 5g this year, whether the cost increase caused by component changes will eventually be transferred to terminal pricing is a matter of concern. Previously, it was reported that the iPhone 12 will continue the initial price of $11699, or 5499 yuan of the Bank of China Version. In addition, Guo Mingzhen, an analyst at Tianfeng international, also pointed out in the report that Apple will exert greater bargaining pressure on parts manufacturers to reduce the negative impact of high-cost 5g on profits, and reduce parts specifications to save costs. < / P > < p > however, for the view that the price of the iPhone 12 will not rise, the @ mobile chip talent has different opinions. According to the blogger, the probability that the price of the iPhone 12 will remain the same as last year is very low. < / P > < p > “apple is not a charity. The cost of the new 5g iPhone increases a lot, and then the price remains the same as last year. It is very unlikely that the 5g iPhone will take off at $699. This year’s BOM (bill of materials) has increased by nearly $50 (modem, RF, TOF, OLED…). < / P > < p > at present, the iPhone 12 has been confirmed to be delayed. “We started selling iPhones in late September last year,” Apple’s chief financial officer, Luca Maestri, said in a third quarter conference call. This year, we expect to be available in a few weeks. ” < / P > < p > according to another statement, the iPhone 12 will also eliminate wired earpods headphones and chargers, while the 20W fast charging head needs to be purchased separately to balance the cost. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today