Apple’s iPhone 12 / 12 Pro has been on sale, and others will be on sale before the double 11. Do you want to spend more than 10 billion to subsidize Meizizi this year? However, the hope of this year’s iPhone 12 price reduction may be dashed. Today, the Internet rumors that the official is strictly controlling the channel, forbidding the supply to offline channels, and the violators will be fined 400000 yuan per unit. < / P > < p > just now, a number of bloggers selling digital products disclosed that they had received or asked for voluntary commitment to sign an agreement, promising that all purchased machines would not flow to online channels such as pinduoduo, tmall, Taobao, vipshop, Jingdong Suning and other online channels and overseas markets, either directly or indirectly. < / P > < p > the above platforms can be said to be almost all the mainstream e-commerce platforms in China. Blocking these online platforms means that they can’t get iphone12 or air4 tablets from other channels. < / P > < p > this requirement does not mean that these online channels can not sell iPhone 12 / air4 and other products at all. Apple’s official stores can sell products according to the official price list, but now the unofficial channels are being severely cracked down. < / P > < p > why? The main reason is that many e-commerce platforms offer iPhone 12 price cuts, not Apple’s official price cut, but the platform’s own subsidies to attract users. The channels for these platforms to get goods are often resale through some channels, not from official channels. < / P > < p > in short, after this policy is released, it will be very difficult for everyone to see the iPhone 12 series mobile phones with a sharp price reduction on the e-commerce platform. After all, a fine of 400000 yuan will be imposed on each mobile phone, and businesses will not be able to easily resell mobile phones and tablets to online channels. Global Tech