Scientists have shown that when people first fall in love, they will be attracted by people who are similar to themselves. Looking for a partner who looks similar is just like looking for a partner whose values and personality match. That may be why couples seem to have a face. < / P > < p > in fact, this question has been puzzling psychologists for many years: do couples in long-term relationships have some “conjugal” faces from the beginning of love? Scientists found this “latent law” in the research in the 1980s. Couples or lovers have similar facial features since they first fell in love, and since then they have been included in the psychology curriculum. However, in the following decades, this observation has not been confirmed or refuted by the scientific community. < / P > < p > in the initial study in 1987, the late psychologist Robert Zarek of the University of Michigan, USA Zajonc) conducted an experiment in which he asked the subjects to sort the photos of more than a dozen couples. He concluded that as they entered the marriage life, the faces of the couples would become more and more similar. The more obvious the effect was, the happier their marriage life was. < / P > < p > psychologists believe that the common life between husband and wife shapes people’s face shape, which is related to diet, lifestyle, outdoor activity time and facial smile lines. < / P > < p > at present, researchers from Stanford University in the United States have revealed the mystery by using the latest technology. After analyzing thousands of public photos of couples, they published a research report that there is no evidence that couples will look very similar over time, but their faces look more similar than those of random couples who have just started to fall in love. < / P > < p > researchers searched for a large number of photos of couples, including photos of their newlyweds and their lives after years of marriage. They collected 517 photos of couples, each with multiple photos taken within two years of love and 20-69 years after marriage. < / P > < p > to test whether two people’s faces would become similar over time, the researchers showed the volunteers a “picture of the target” and then asked them to look at the pictures of six other people, one of whom was the spouse of the target, and the other five were randomly selected. Then, in the test, volunteers were asked to select the photos with the highest similarity to the face of the “target” from the photos of six people. At the same time, the task was screened by advanced facial recognition software. < / P > < p > the results show that star couples like Giselle bunchen and Tom Brady don’t become more and more like each other over time, but choose partners who are more similar to themselves. People may look for partners who look similar, just as they look for partners whose values and personalities match. (Ye Qingcheng)= target=_ blank>The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park