In addition to the thrilling epic infinity, the lightsaber that only Jedi Masters can control and not commit suicide is also a classic weapon throughout the series. Recently, Gao play has created a real lightsaber. The lightsaber composed of 4000 degree high plasma is more dangerous than the original! < / P > < p > · it’s powerful and can’t be played by ordinary people. In the Star Wars movie, the masters dance lightsabers and fight over and over. Of course, the props belong to props. If it’s a real lightsaber, it can be imagined that the famous up the oil pipe owner Hacksmith is usually a hands-on mechanic, which will create the closest version of Star Wars Lightsaber. It is extremely dangerous to open the switch to 4000 ℃ high-temperature plasma lightsaber. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure