The friends who often participate in crowdfunding projects are obviously used to the attitude of angel investment and lottery. No matter how well the project team has performed before, there is an unavoidable risk of failure in actual product delivery. This article is to introduce a replica of Hal 9000 in 2001: a space odyssey. According to the information on indiegogo’s website, master replicas group successfully attracted $649000 from 797 supporters. < p > < p > unfortunately, despite Warner Bros.’s best wishes (allowing it to use the name of Hal 9000) and more than eight times more than its original fundraising target of $80000, the experienced MRG finally declared the project a failure. According to the comments of the supporters, this ambitious Hal 9000 reprint plan has long been full of problems. Even though MRG is well known for its faithful reproduction of film and television props, this time it is no surprise that it abandoned the pit and ran away. The foreign media pointed out that the finished products should have been delivered last year, but as the supporters were informed of the liquidation of MRG and all communication channels were cut off, there was no longer any chance for us to get copies of Hal 9000 from MRG (the advance payment of US $500-1000 should not be recovered smoothly). Skip to content