‘s GM, a self driving car company Cruise, invested twice as much as Origin, which was launched at the end of last year, with no steering wheel and no pedals. As the popularity of the new crown has made many people reluctant to use carpooling, the company has launched new security protocols aimed at keeping people at a social distance on the road and disinfecting vehicles between trips. < / P > < p > cruise is also applying to the federal government for a license for the origin of mass production. The car doesn’t require traditional manual control, which means the company will need to exempt from federal motor vehicle safety standards, which require the car to be equipped with steering wheels and pedals. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) only approves 2500 such exemptions a year. < / P > < p > in 2018, GM submitted an application for permission to deploy a fully autonomous Chevrolet bolt, but never received a response from NHTSA. Cruise said the exemption would now be withdrawn in support of the origin related complaint. < / P > < p > the new agreement and exemption also mean that cruise is still committed to the safe launch of a shared robot taxi service in the near future. The popularity of the new crown has shaken the transport industry, leading to a sharp decline in car Hailing services such as Uber and LYFT. These companies are now trying to make a comeback, with the main measures of strict regulations on masks and cleaning and disinfection products. Cruise has not yet launched a taxi service, nor has it disclosed the actual working version of origin. But the company hopes to launch ahead of any speculation that covid will undermine future demand for shared mobile services. < / P > < p > “covid-19 has changed everything, including how many people think about sharing cars,” Robert Grant, vice president of global government affairs at cruise, wrote in a blog post. “Now we feel that sharing anything is a threat to our health.” According to grant, a plastic partition will be installed in origin’s cabin. Only two passengers are allowed to board at a time, and the air inside the car should be maintained. Passengers will need to wear masks and hand sanitizer and wipes will be provided in the car. Since the car will have no driver, the agreements will only apply to passengers. < p > < p > at present, cruise already has a trial taxi service, but it is only open to employees, and the company has not disclosed when it will be open to the public. Cruise also didn’t say when origin will launch, but promised to share more information about future production plans. The car will be produced at GM’s Detroit Hammett factory, which was recently renamed factory zero. Global Tech