According to foreign media reports, humans want to go to Mars, but when they get there, what will the food look like? Thanks to the efforts of researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia, Mars potatoes can be served with avocado salad dressing. “Our goal is to protect important avocado varieties and key genetic traits from forest fires, pests and diseases such as laurel wilt,” Brien said in a report released by UQ on Thursday. Laurel wilt is a fungus that destroys all avocado germplasm resources in Florida. Germplasms are living tissues, like avocado buds, that create new plants This experiment has experienced many attempts and mistakes. O & Brien tried various preparations and conditions including vitamin C, sucrose and low temperature, and finally found a way to keep the bud tip alive during the cryopreservation. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia