The game masterpiece “cyberpunk 2077” expected by global players will be ceremoniously unveiled in December. Adidas is the first to launch the new X9000 X “cyberpunk 2077” co branded series this month. The design inspiration comes from the night city of cyberpunk 2077. It creates five different X9000 L4 and X9000 styles with the unique visual style of decadent science fiction and money 4D co branded running shoes pay homage to cyberpunk aesthetics. < / P > < p > Adidas X9000 X “cyberpunk 2077” co branded series launched four X9000 L4 running shoes simultaneously, injecting the game’s classic tone and visual elements. The main X9000 L4 purple gold color is arrogant and high-profile. Inspired by the seductive extravagant and extravagant style of “cyberpunk 2077”, the main color is gorgeous purple gold. The leopard pattern is hidden in the misty black upper, and “cyber” and “punk” are written on the outside of boost insole Words, handsome flash card tongue hidden Adidas and cyberpunk words, heel printed in the game technology symbols, symbolizing the exciting cyberpunk game journey is about to start. < / P > < p > the second color scheme uses mechanical gray as the main color, and is matched with the trend Fluorescent Pink TPU mix & match. The yellow three line logo is arranged on the side, and the green “cyber” and “punk” are embossed on the outside of the black insole to create an absolute sense of future. The third is the eye-catching metallic silver covering shoe body, with mechanical lines hidden in the vamp, and the black and white mixed color insole, and the gold three line logo on the side, to explain the technology addicted residents in the night city. The dark all black shoes are in low-key black and silver color, and the red cyber and punk words on the boost soles highlight the coldness and trendiness in the cyberpunk world. The full range of CO branded shoes, combined with game elements, dazzles the doomsday function, and creates a new generation of iconic shoes that conquer the future technology. < p > < p > Adidas X9000 with a sense of science and technology L4, equipped with the first streamline pattern three-dimensional boost insole, gives the feet soft rebound and stable shock absorption effect. The front, middle and back are designed with different angles and thickness, which brings excellent kinetic energy feedback; the lattice particle sole designed by using data analysis improves the grip comprehensively, and the sole groove and partial deepening design improve the overall wear resistance, so that the runner can face different ground Has stable movement performance. < p > < p > Adidas X9000 X “cyberpunk 2077” co branded series has launched the X9000 4D technology running shoes with bold style, which is listed exclusively on Adidas official website. “Cyberpunk 2077” world view color is integrated into the shoe design. The whole shoe is mainly in classic and unbeaten black color, with eye-catching fluorescent yellow dot details. The overall aesthetic style is full of cyberpunk doomsday feeling. The shoe body is embossed with the logo “cyberpunk” and equipped with futurecraft created by high-end precision data technology The 4D insole provides energy feedback and stability, while the primeknit knit upper wraps the foot for ultra lightweight protection, helping urban runners burst into maximum speed and energy in an instant. < / P > < p > Adidas X9000 X “cyberpunk 2077” co branded running shoes were launched in the physical store on November 11 and Adidas official website on November 12. Global Tech