Interestingly, every time a ticket is jumped, the official promises that this is the last time. There is no doubt that fans have been thoroughly infuriated, and even sent death threats to cdpr developers. < / P > < p > fans have high expectations for the game. Many fans think that the ticket skipping this time is too disappointing, but in this case, the death threat is totally unnecessary. < / P > < p > the message comes from Andrzej Zawadzki, chief designer of cyberpunk 2077. He said on twitter that he could understand the anger and disappointment of players, but sending death threats would never be accepted and would be wrong. “I think about the game of” punk “. I understand that you are angry, disappointed, and want to voice yourself in this matter. However, sending death threats to developers is absolutely unacceptable and wrong. We are ordinary people, just like everyone else. ” < / P > < p > in response, a player said, “I just want to say that in the future, if you can’t abide by a sales period, please keep silent until you are 100% sure. For this game, I changed my life and my financial situation. Be more responsible when it’s about to go on sale, or at least once. What a shame. ” < / P > < p > netizen Iscariot: “players have the right to feel cheated because they have been cheated many times. Long overtime and abusive employees were rejected in order to catch up with the launch date. But then it was put off. Many times. Apart from death threats, you deserve criticism. ” Global Tech