“Cyberpunk 2077” has been cancelled and has been postponed to December 10. But in fact, the PC version of cyberpunk 2077 is ready. The reason for the ticket skipping is that cdpr wants to improve the performance of the work on this generation of hosts. Now, according to foreign media GameInformer, “cyberpunk 2077” delay news did not immediately inform all members of the cdpr development team. < / P > < p > several developers said that they only received an internal e-mail from the company shortly before the official twitter news that the game was postponed. Is there a problem with internal communication in the studio? In fact, it’s not. The government is doing this to prevent cdpr’s share price from being manipulated. According to these developers, cdpr decided to postpone the launch of the game after seeing the quality difference between the current and next generation versions of cyberpunk 2077. Cdpr has said that it hopes the launch of cyberpunk 2077 is perfect, so any defects will be solved quickly. According to the development team, the discussion on whether to postpone the project was started on October 26, and then the postponement decision was made on October 27. < / P > < p > according to the Polish labor law, as the team size exceeds 1000 employees, the leadership is not legally allowed to inform the whole team, and everyone is not required to sign a confidentiality agreement. In terms of stock rights and insider trading, doing so would be regarded as leaking inside information. < / P > < p > a developer told GameInformer: “about 90% of the people in the studio don’t know that.”. After so much experience, the development team wants to let everyone play the game they have carefully created as soon as possible. It is really hard to accept the sudden announcement of the postponement. A cdpr spokesman also responded to GameInformer on the matter, saying that due to Polish law, many members of the development team were informed after the cdpr announced the postponement decision. He also said that “the unplanned release of this information may lead to market abuse and manipulation of the stock price of CD Projekt on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). Therefore, it is impossible for all employees of the company to be informed of the postponement of the game in advance. ” < / P > < p > many people think that the game development has been completed when the game enters the factory, but one small detail is ignored, that is, it is easier for investors to know when the products they invest in will be available. During the period between the announcement of the game entering the factory and the official release, the development team also needs to strictly control the quality of the game to reduce the occurrence of problems. They usually release the first day patch. The PC version and next generation version of cyberpunk 2077 have been running smoothly, while the PS4 and xboxone versions still need to be improved. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone