Previously, cdpr officially announced that it would cooperate with “Rockstar energy drinks” to produce “cyberpunk 2077” co branded beverage. Now it’s officially announced that the drink will be sold in North America from October 1 to December 31, including regular and limited cans, and can be exchanged for Xbox gift cards and digital comics with the pull ring code of the limited can. There are five types of limited edition cans, which are sold in North America. In the picture above, the first one from the left is the ordinary can without reward, and the other five are limited version packaging cans, which are “original flavor / hero V”, “sugar free / Jackie”, “impact / heroine V”, “Silver Ice / Brigitte” and “samurai Cola”. < / P > < p > the tab code of each limited version can be exchanged for one dollar Xbox gift card, with a maximum cumulative amount of $60 per Xbox account (cyberpunk 2077 costs $60). < / P > < p > the pull loop code can also be used to unlock “where’s Johnny” from the cyberpunk 2077 derivative series? 》Digital version, this set of digital comics has three, with three codes can unlock all the content. < / P > < p > players can also participate in another lucky draw with the pull ring code. The ultimate prize is a muscle car modified according to the Quadra type-66 in the game. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure