Cdpr super masterpiece “cyberpunk 2077” has been unlocked on the PC platform. The Chinese dubbing of the whole game is very grounded and localization is in place. At present, “cyberpunk 2077” is also on the 13th hot microblog search, with a heat of 550000. Before that, “cyberpunk 2077” once ranked in the top 10 of the microblog hot search list, ranking No. 8, second only to the “double 12” year-end Shopping Festival. < p > < p > < p > < p > cyberpunk 2077 has a full range of Chinese phonetics. With the support of AI word adaptation technology developed by cdpr, the Chinese pronunciation and mouth shape of this book are completely consistent. More than 150 people participated in the Chinese localization project. The total duration of the localization project was nearly 8 months, with more than 70000 lines. < / P > < p > in the recording studio of cyberpunk 2077, many of them have also participated in the dubbing work of the same gate card, RPG, kunt of Wizard: the fall of kingship. This means that the voice actors are familiar with the line style of Polish game companies. Ma Ming, who is in charge of localization of Chinese dubbing in this work, said that he not only aims at faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance, but also strives to achieve the combination of spirit and form, pursuing high restoration and striving to present a version that is both grounded and faithful to the original game. < p > < p > < p > < p > cyberpunk 2077 was officially released for sale in the early hours of this morning. However, many game players who have purchased the steam version have encountered the problem of game download “stuck”. Steam officials have also responded to this matter. < / P > < p > “we understand that some of you are stuck at the end of the download of cyberpunk 2077. This is actually a display problem. When you unpack your pre loaded encrypted files, the download interface (speed) will be displayed as 0.” < / P > < p > “you can view the specific situation through the disk activity in the download interface of Steam client. After unpacking, you need to download the remaining several GB (game content), without switching the data center or restarting the Steam client.” < / P > < p > from the official announcement of steam and the feedback from players, there is a “jam” problem when downloading the steam version of cyberpunk 2077. It is just a display problem, and it will not really affect the download of the game. Players only need to wait for the preload file to be decompressed. Cyberpunk 2077, which is officially released today, is expected to break all kinds of historical records. At present, “cyberpunk 2077” has more than one million online players on steam, and more than one million people watch on twitter. It is believed that cyberpunk 2077 is expected to become one of the largest game launches in the history of video games. < / P > < p > before that, the game with the largest number of online users on the first day of steam was “radiation 4”, with 472000 people starting online. Obviously, cyberpunk 2077 is more than twice as many as radiation 4. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the shipping volume of “radiation 4” on the first day is 12 million sets. Does this mean that the first day sales of cyberpunk 2077 will exceed 12 million sets? Let’s wait and see. < / P > < p > at present, the evaluation of “cyberpunk 2077” on steam has changed from “special praise” to “mostly favorable comment”. Various technical reasons are the main reasons for the decline of word-of-mouth. Many players reflect that the optimization is too poor, there are many bugs and can not enter the game. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen