According to the analysis of digital foundry, “cyberpunk 2077” brings the best visual quality in the host version “with considerable advantages”. DF tested this open world game on xsx, XSS and ps5 in a downward compatible mode, and found that Xbox has many advantages over Sony’s console. < p > < p > when playing on xsx, 2077 provides performance mode and image quality mode, which is not available in ps5. Picture quality mode locks 30 frames, but greatly increases the resolution. Surprisingly, the xsx version also has a more dense crowd and ambient light masking effect than the ps5 version. < / P > < p > “there is no doubt that the best host experience at present is the image quality mode of xsx. Although the top is 30fps per second, the resolution is still dynamic. It is about 1512p in the city, but the resolution exceeds 1728p in simpler scenes. With the increase of delay < / P > < p > the visual response is obviously reduced, but the number of pixels increased is very large, which is good for image quality. 2077 uses a lot of time oversampling, which means that the information of the current frame also comes from the past frame. The higher the resolution of the number of frames before < / P > < p >, the higher the composite gain of the current frame. The end result is a game that is more attractive, less grainy and blurry. There are other enhancements, such as ambient shading, which are not available in performance mode or in the ps5 version. ” However, DF also pointed out that the performance mode of xsx version of cyberpunk 2077, lock 1080p / maximum 60fps, is not as stable as ps5. < / P > < p > “in similar tests, xsx will have some small problems in areas where ps5 does not have any frame count drop, and it does. However, in terms of NPC and number of vehicles, xsx version obviously has higher settings. It’s not the same kind of comparison. ” < / P > < p > DF also found that the $300 Xbox series s also offers many of the same improvements over the ps5 version of the game, but with a very low resolution. < / P > < p > “in fact, series s is a modified version of xsx image quality mode. The resolution is obviously very, very low – below 1080p. However, the highest resolution also exceeded the ps5’s highest resolution, reaching 1296p. < / P > < p > more importantly, it retains most, if not all, of the advantages of the image quality mode. That means you get higher vehicle and crowd density in pixels, plus ambient light masking. ” < p > < p > DF concludes that ps5 users have a better frame experience on cyberpunk 2077, but xsx provides a significantly improved image quality. In previous analysis, DF said the performance of cyberpunk 2077 on the basic PS4 host was “unacceptable”. Global Tech