Czechoslovakia’s largest Internet search platform, Seznam, said on Thursday that it had claimed 9.072 billion kronor (US $4167.4 million) from U.S. search giant Google because it restricted market competition. “As early as 2018, the European Commission concluded that Google had illegally used its dominant position in the Android Market to consolidate its search market share,” said Pavel zima, vice chairman of Seznam. According to this decision, we ask Google to compensate us for the corresponding losses. ” < / P > < p > in 2018, the European Union imposed an antitrust fine of 4.34 billion euro (about 5.04 billion US dollars) on Google, saying that Google imposed three restrictions on Android device manufacturers and mobile operators, including requiring Android device manufacturers to pre install Google search app and Chrome browser as an authorization for Google play Store app store conditions; payment to specific large Android device manufacturers and mobile operators for exclusive pre installation of Google search app. Because of this, zima said, the company suffered huge losses in promoting applications and services to Android devices. For this reason, Seznam claims $4167.4 million from Google. < / P > < p > Seznam has about 25% of the Czech search market. The company said the claim of more than $400m is based on the company’s related losses between 2011 and 2018. Seznam also said the company was also prepared to take civil legal action. Earlier today, Google was also fined 100 million euros (US $121 million) by the French data protection agency cnil for the improper management of cookies by its search engine. Privacy Policy