The newly released advantage quantum computing system contains more than 5000 qubits, which is more than twice that of the d-wave 2000q project, and will be committed to large-scale application in the commercial field. It is reported that the new system supports connecting each qubit to the other 15 qubits, making it the most tightly connected commercial quantum computing system in the world. Due to the increase of quantum bits and tight connection, advantage will be able to solve complex problems faster. The new extension structure makes the quantum processing unit (QPU) of the system run almost double. < / P > < p > d-wave indicates that the performance of advantage’s hybrid solver is better than or equal to the best value of 27 classic optimization solvers on 74% input test items of mqlib. < / P > < p > in addition, compared with the d-wave 2000q ln QPU, the higher connectivity allows it to embed complex problems more compactly, providing an optimal solution ratio of 50% and a better solution of up to 80%. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that d-wave has also released a new hybrid solver, discrete quadratic model (DQM), which aims to expand the types of problems that can be run on quantum computers. < / P > < p > this is achieved by accepting a wider range of variable values (including integers from 1 to 10, even red, yellow, blue, etc.), rather than just accepting binary variables of 0 or 1. < / P > < p > because advantage is designed for commercial quantum computing, d-wave has also released a supporting launch project. < / P > < p > with this program, enterprises can bring together a team of experts from the company and the community as a whole to provide additional support to quickly deploy quantum hybrid applications into actual use cases. < / P > < p > it is understood that the launch project can help customers determine the best application and turn enterprise problems into hybrid quantum applications. Additional support can also help accelerate customer design, build, and run the most important and complex applications to maximize quantum acceleration performance. < / P > < p > at present, d-wave has launched advantage quantum computing system in leap quantum cloud service of the company, and all customers will immediately get the right to use it free of charge. However, the newly released DQM solver will be officially launched on October 8. Please check the official website for more details. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4