Morgan Stanley analysts said on Wednesday that they were tracking air quality reports in Chinese cities that showed an increase in industrial activity related to the production of the iPhone 12. Last week, two novel coronavirus pneumonia models were listed for sale, and two will be listed next month, which is several weeks behind the Apple Corp’s traditional launch of the new model. The company’s goal is to release the new iPhone in September. The delay in the release date is probably due to the interference of the new crown pneumonia outbreak. IPhone < p > < p > according to Morgan Stanley, air quality in Chinese cities is one of these clues. “Using air quality data from a non-profit platform that collects and publishes China’s air quality data, we tracked nitrogen dioxide levels (controlling variables such as temperature, humidity, wind power, etc.) in four cities in China,” the bank’s analysts wrote. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), this is a primary indicator of industrial activity, and Apple’s manufacturing partners have large manufacturing operations in these cities. ” < / P > < p > Zhengzhou is the main production base for Apple’s manufacturing partners, while analysts at Morgan Stanley point out that the city’s air quality has declined, indicating an increase in iPhone 12 production. < p > < p > analysts headed by Katy Huberty released a report this week: “the air quality data of Zhengzhou as of October 26 show that industrial production level has risen sharply in recent days, about a month later than the seasonal rise in history. We think that’s in line with the iPhone 12 volume growth. ” Morgan Stanley also pointed out that industrial production in Shenzhen increased in early September, but was lower than the historical seasonal level. Analysts also found that industrial activity in Chengdu is accelerating in recent days, while in Chongqing, after ups and downs in September, industrial activity has also risen sharply in recent days. < p > < p > Apple will release its fourth quarter results after Thursday’s eastern time (early Friday Beijing time), but the deadline for this quarter is September, so it won’t include any sales data for the iPhone 12. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia