Recently, the price of memory is still falling. There are a lot of choices for 8GB DDR4 memory modules within 200 yuan. To some extent, the mission of DDR4 has been completed. At present, the average penetration rate of the whole industry has reached 90%. Trendforce, the semiconductor research center of Jibang science and technology, recently released the Q3 quarterly report, announcing the DDR4 share of PC, server and consumer electronics: the PC industry accounted for 96.7%, the server industry accounted for 98%, and the consumer electronics industry had the lowest proportion, and DDR4 memory only accounted for 69.4%. < / P > < p > but overall, DDR4 accounts for more than 90% of these areas, so the DDR4 memory mission has been completed – more than five years have passed since haswell-e first supported it. There is DDR4 in the next few years, and it is obviously impossible to be eliminated soon. However, we have entered a new round of upgrading cycle from this year. Ddr5 memory specification was officially released in July, and Samsung, SK Hynix and Meguiar also launched a new generation of ddr5 memory. < / P > < p > it’s just that ddr5’s first launch has to wait. Trendforce thinks that 2021 is the first year of ddr5, but 2022 is the time when ddr5 memory enters the PC market. Next year, the server market will take the lead in using ddr5 memory. < / P > < p > it is not difficult to understand that the PC has delayed ddr5 memory, because the price of the new memory must be very high at the initial stage, and consumers are not willing to pay for it. Both inel and AMD will support it carefully. < / P > < p > the key to the popularity of ddr5 memory depends on Intel. At present, they still occupy more than 70% of the CPU market share. Originally, they expected to launch ddr5 on tiger lake-h, but now it has failed, alder lake may launch ddr5 support. This generation of products will not be available until 2022 (in other words, it is Q3 in 2021). < / P > < p > for AMD, the AM4 platform has confirmed that it will not have ddr5 support, and it will reach 5nm zen4 as soon as possible. However, the first one should be Genoa Genoa, the next generation epyc processor, and the consumer grade sharp dragon will not be able to launch ddr5 until 2022. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today