In the middle of this month, JEDEC Association officially announced the ddr5 standard, which starts at 4800 Mbps and can reach 6400 Mbps in the future, which is more than twice the memory of DDR4, and is expected to reach the level of ddr5-8400. After the release of ddr5 standard, Samsung, SK Hynix and Meguiar, the three largest DRAM factories in the world, have followed up for the first time. They will officially produce ddr5 memory within this year. In fact, they already had ddr5 samples last year, and mass production is just a matter of course.

at present, the biggest problem with ddr5 memory is platform support. AMD’s zen3 processor will not change this year. The platform technology needs to be upgraded to at least 5nm zen4 architecture, and it is estimated that it will be 2022.

there is no good news from Intel. The architecture of core alder lake from desktop CPU to the 12th generation will be greatly changed. However, the support of ddr5 memory is still a mystery. The current information is not optimistic and the possibility of support is not very good.

for ddr5 memory, the first market is not a consumer platform, but a server platform. AMD and Intel should be more active in supporting ddr5 on server processors. The shipment of ddr5 memory will increase significantly in 2021. It is expected that the share of ddr5 will surpass DDR4 and become the mainstream in 2022.