Apple is about to launch its new iPhone 12 smartphone this fall, but that doesn’t stop netizens from imagining what the iPhone 13 will look like next year. Recently, concepts iPhone shared a more than three minute “iPhone 13” concept video on YouTube.

according to recent rumors and revelations, Apple will release four new 5g “iPhone 12” models in September. However, compared with the concept video of “iPhone 13” shared by concepts iPhone, the current exposed model instantly becomes dim.

video display, the “iPhone 13” concept machine adopts a surround screen design that extends the screen to the left and right sides. At the same time, the traditional physical buttons such as power / volume adjustment are replaced by virtual buttons based on the secondary display screen.

the concept video also shows a rear view lens module with a raised back, including lidar lidar sensor and LED flash.

Unfortunately, the “iPhone 13” in the video is just a conceptual design. Even if Apple wants to bring it into production, it will have to overcome a lot of design and process challenges.