Just weeks after Facebook deleted a large “stop the steal” group for spreading false information about the election, other groups have sprung up, according to foreign media the verge. Onezero found two large groups, with more than 100000 members, sharing fake information about elections being “stolen.”. < / P > < p > foreign media cannot verify the two groups, which may have been deleted by Facebook. But as of Friday morning, Facebook still had hundreds of “stop the steel” groups – some private, some public, some hyperlocalized. While many groups are new, with only a few hundred members per group, some are quite large: one private group has more than 46000 members; another, formerly called “keep America great,” has more than 265000 members. According to reports, the “stop the steel” campaign has been supported by prominent conservatives and organizations, supporting the erroneous statement of US President trump about human manipulation of the election. < / P > < p > earlier this month, Facebook removed a 300000 member & quot; stop the steel & quot; group, which is organizing rallies and raising funds to challenge the November 3 presidential election results, saying that “the group was organized around the illegitimacy of the election process, and we see alarming calls for violence from members of the group.”. < / P > < p > once these groups are removed from Facebook, they begin to appear on other platforms, including Parler and discord. Global Tech