Facebook content censors, who work in Dublin as independent contractors, said they were still required to work in offices despite a new blockade across Ireland. The inspectors employed by the Contractor’s CPL said they were told that they were considered necessary workers and therefore were not subject to the Irish level 5 restriction, which requires people to work at home unless they “provide a necessary purpose for which they are required to appear in person”. Earlier this week, Ireland announced a six week high-level blockade to try to contain the spread of the new crown. Ireland has had more than 54000 covid-19 cases and more than 1871 deaths as of Thursday, the Ministry of Health reported. < p > < p > Facebook said in a statement that its “partners have started bringing some content reviewers back to the office in recent months.”. “Our focus has always been on how to conduct this content review in a way that ensures the safety of our reviewers.” According to the statement, reviewers considered to be able to work from home, and the company is “working with our partners to ensure strict health and safety measures are taken and to disclose any confirmed cases of illness.” < / P > < p > Facebook requires physical distance and reduced traffic in its workplace, as well as mandatory temperature checks and masks. It also says it does deep cleaning every day. < / P > < p > but workers said when they returned to their offices in Ireland in July, they were told that if a confirmed covid-19 case was confirmed, the office would be closed for 72 hours. The office has remained open despite three confirmed cases of new crowns since the end of September. In May, Facebook announced a change in its telecommuting policy, allowing most of its 48000 employees to work permanently at home. But Facebook has about 15000 paid contractors employed by third-party companies who are not eligible for most of the benefits enjoyed by employees. < / P > < p > and this is not the first time that the company’s contractor has asked inspectors to work in offices during a pandemic. Earlier this month, the verge reported that Facebook censors hired by Accenture, a third-party contractor, in Austin, Texas, were also forced to return to their offices there. < / P > < p > Facebook censors may spend a lot of time reviewing video, hate speech and other disturbing material, many of whom have developed PTSD. In May, Facebook reached a $52 million settlement with current and former censors, ruling that the job had a serious impact on workers’ mental health. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4