According to the latest report released by rest of world, despite the travel safety risks of the new covid-19 epidemic, Facebook moderators in India are required to return to work in the office at the request of Genpact, a third-party labor dispatch company. < / P > < p > Genpact is one of the many companies responsible for Facebook’s audit management, employing about 1600 moderators in the Indian market. The company’s employees mainly analyze and manually handle inappropriate content on Facebook platform, such as offensive, hate speech and racial discrimination. According to the rest of world report, Genpact began to urge employees to return to Hyderabad’s offices as early as July this year. Genpact claims that key parts of its audit service must be performed at the office due to privacy issues and other technical barriers. In a subsequent statement, Genpact said that any employee working in the office was voluntary. “To make this situation manageable, safe and clear, employees need to sign weekly forms asking for their voluntary consent,” a company spokesman said. However, in an interview with employees, Genpact’s leadership instructed some employees that they could be fired if they didn’t return to the office. < p > < p > Facebook employs more than 15000 content moderators worldwide, most of them in the form of contractors, who can’t get the same benefits as corporate employees. These contractors are also affected by working conditions, which involve watching child exploitation, violence, videos and other materials that may lead to PTSD and related mental health problems. Global Tech

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