Microsoft has two next-generation hosts: Xbox series X and Xbox series s. Xbox Series

S is a low-end product, so it has the lowest price among the three sub world hosts released in 2020. The Xbox series

The existence of S has always been a hot topic. In general, most developers don’t think this is a problem. Now, we still have a problem to weigh against the challenges that may arise in the future.


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In an interview with foreign media wccftech, Oleksandr shyshkovtsov, chief technology officer of 4A games, the developer of Metro 2033 and metro: the last dawn, was asked about Xbox series s, especially whether he thought the memory problem of Xbox series s was a hidden danger. Oleksandr shyshkovtsov said he didn’t think Xbox series s was a hidden danger S memory will be a special problem, but with the development of the host, it may bring some challenges. At present, developers do not have any problems in the game development of Xbox series s, but it will be a potential challenge.

Oleksandr shyshkovtsov, chief technology officer of 4A games, said: “memory is not a problem for us at present, but the performance of GPU poses a challenge for future game works. Our current renderers are designed for spatial frame number and temporal resolution, which are random in nature. Abandoning any of these will require us to perform more expensive calculations, further reducing performance. We have a compromise solution now, but I’m not satisfied yet. “