In 2019, Max Schaefer, the father of Diablo, once said that they lost part of the source code, development materials and art documents of Diablo 2. It’s an irreparable, fatal collapse. Blizzard will have a hard time remaking Diablo 2 because they have to start from scratch. However, today, Blizzard officially announced that “Diablo 2: Remaking” will land on PC and all host platforms.


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“Diablo 2 remaking” has 4K resolution, and is fully reproduced in 3D physical rendering, as well as the addition of new animations, including dynamic lighting, new textures and new magic effects. And the Remaking image can be freely switched, a key call back the classic nostalgic “original” experience. Game animation and sound effects have also been reproduced.

Rod Ferguson, the creator of Diablo, and rob gallerani, the chief designer, said that although some of the source code and development materials were lost, they were not as serious as Schaefers said.

“Andre Abrahamian, one of Blizzard’s best designers, has to be praised for working with us,” gallerani said He went to his desk and asked, “Hey, do you have anything left?” We have not only got the code base, but also a lot of raw materials. When you see the high-definition Tyrell Wing video, it’s actually the original model. “

Gallerani also said that they got a lot of information about Diablo 2 from various sources. For example, 3D models of LUT Gholein’s market are based on sprite’s 2D models in the original Diablo 2, which Blizzard remade into 3D files. “Yes, the loss of data happened,” gallerani said. “I wasn’t there at the time. I didn’t know exactly what was lost, but we still have the code.”

Blizzard collected all the materials before making Diablo 2: remaking, but in fact, the original materials are not so important, because Blizzard remade “everything in the game”.

“Diablo 2 remaking allows players to switch freely between classic 2D images and new 3D images, with no changes to the classic images and remaking of the cut scenes,” Ferguson said. We have original people who are dedicated to film making, so we can have a dialogue around our goals. “

Compared with the original art materials, the code is more important for Diablo 2: remaking. “When you dig deep into the code, you’ll find that there’s code for Diablo 1,” Ferguson said. There’s a lot to discover, there’s a lot of complexity. Having the original code means having the whole game. If we try to change the game engine and recreate it without the complexity of the original code, it will feel different. We are very glad to have all this, so that players can get a real experience