Today (February 20) the tubing channel gamers prey released a live demo of Diablo 2: remaking. The video shows the picture, equipment and battle demonstration of Diablo II: remaking. Compared with the original, we can see that the Remaking picture is more beautiful.


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Real machine demonstration:

“Diablo 2: Remaking” will lead the experienced heroes and new generation players to experience the evil and dark story, the exciting journey of collecting booty, and the bloody and refreshing game process. The game content will be presented with modern image quality, fully showing the technology of the latest game hardware equipment.

“Diablo 2: Remaking” support 4K resolution, visual effects take on a new look. New animations, dynamic lighting, new textures and new spell effects have been added to the game. The modeling is reproduced by 3D physical rendering. The cut animation is completely remade, and the sound effect is also remade. Moreover, the remade images can be switched freely, and the “original” experience of nostalgic classics can be recalled with one click.

Video capture: