Today Blizzard officially released “Diablo 2: Remaking”, released the game screenshot, character concept map, and introduced the game. Let’s have a look! “Diablo 2: Remaking” will lead the experienced heroes and new generation players to experience the evil and dark story, the exciting journey of collecting booty, and the bloody and refreshing game process. The game content will be presented with modern image quality, fully showing the technology of the latest game hardware equipment.


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Diablo 2: Remaking will not include micro trading or in-game stores, and will provide as much experience as possible similar to the original game.

Blizzard will launch the cross platform progress function, and players can continue the original game progress no matter which game platform they use to carry out Diablo 2: remaking. “Diablo 2: Remaking” will provide advanced version of character page attribute information, item prompt information comparison, multiplayer game automatic team formation and other functions, and there are more new and improved version of the user interface.

The personal storage box has been expanded, and a shared storage box page has been added. Players now have more time to kill demons and collect booty. They don’t need to tidy up the storage box as they used to. The space of personal storage box is increased from 6×8 to 10×10. The same All roles under the account can use the shared locker page. Players can transfer equipment between hero characters without much trouble.

Diablo 2: Remake has seven freely adjustable character classes for players to choose from, including Amazon, assassin, barbarian, Druid, necromancer, Paladin and wizard. Players are free to create their own characters, including choosing different skills and talent schools, making and inlaying items, collecting complete equipment sets, acquiring special weapons and armor, and combining different runes.

Role concept map:

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