At yesterday’s Blizzard carnival, Diablo II: resurrected was officially announced, which is not surprising but still exciting news. According to blizzard, remaking is a high-definition remake based on the classic Diablo 2 20 years ago. Players will be able to review the content of the game at that time. Not only the game screen will be brand new, but also the wide screen will be supported.


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Diablo 2 remaking remakes the characters in the game world with 4K (2160p) ultra-high image quality. Amazon, assassin, barbarian, Druid, necromancer, Paladin and wizard will all appear in 3D. There are also new animations, including dynamic lighting, new textures and new spell effects.

For Diablo fans, Diablo 2 20 years ago is incomparable, so now how to position the Remaking of Diablo 2? Will it replace the previous version?

For this problem, Blizzard mentioned that Diablo 2 remaking is a new game released independently, which will not replace the old Diablo before. The two will coexist.

Blizzard learned the lesson from the previous Warcraft 3 remaking. Last time, this remaking replaced the original game, but it was a failure.

Diablo 2 remaking is not just the upgrade of Diablo 2. In fact, many game mechanisms and playing methods will change, such as new team formation, new cross platform, new sky ladder list, and expanded storage box.