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Official real machine demonstration & content explanation_ Chinese captions

Ranger is an agile character that can be changed at any time according to the player’s playing style. Ranger can choose sword or dagger on short-range weapons, and bow and arrow and crossbow on long-range weapons. These classes all have strong characteristics. They are shown in animation and behavior. They can see the deformation of Druids or the barbarians and their jumping attacks. You can see these wonderful qualities in Rangers, but not in other professions.

Players can also tattoo or scar their characters to create their own Rangers, or your imagination of Rangers is the traditional image of the dead in the role-playing game, or you can add a Hoodie or a mask to become a deeper and darker character. Players have a lot of creative places and interesting appearance. They can become outlaws with tattoos, or thieves with noble looks and justice in their hearts.

The first skills of Rangers are combo, shadow and attack. To use these professional skills, you need to work with other Ranger groups in the world. In St. huearius, players will receive tasks with limited occupation, such as blind eye monks (you can also choose other monks), or mercenaries of kakistan, or illegal smugglers of hawasa swamp. It depends on which kind of Ranger or professional skills players want to represent you, so they can use them more easily. Players can complete those tasks and activate those professional skills, and mix them in any play style.

You can use combo in long-range and short-range attacks, or you can choose to attack the weak to become a long-range, short-range or dual cultivation player. Let this occupation have great change, skill combination and play style.

Weapons and equipment are combined with regions. When you explore and select weapons in kakistan, you can see machetes. If you are in the north, skosgoren weapons will be more like cager swords. This is not obvious, but the weapons selected in different regions feel like they are obtained locally, which makes the experience of playing more real.

Diablo IV greatly improves the scale of St. Hur. Comparing the world of the previous two generations, it ushers in an open world outlook. Players can deeply explore how St. HuR is combined. Players can ride from skosglen to the broken mountain.

There are all kinds of horses in the game, as well as Mount varieties scattered all over the world. From collecting puzzles to finding hiding places or defeating specific monsters, you can find different horses or decorate your own horses. For example, horse armour, hoof boards, and even trophies are used to show off. There are various ways to highlight your personality and become your true partner through mounts.

By changing the horseshoe, you can also change the running speed of the mount.

Mounts don’t bleed, but when you’re attacked on a mount, you’re forced to leave the mount. So you have to decide for yourself when to use skills in case you are forced to dismount.

Basically, the camp is the devil’s territory, full of the whole world. In Diablo 3: the sickle of the soul, when mathel appeared on the stage, the sickle of the soul killed 90% of the people in St. hueari, causing a large number of deaths. Decades later, powerful spaces appeared, and these monsters began to move into these spaces. Robbers, monsters and sheep heads, all kinds of strange species, skeletons and undead came back to occupy these areas and live in them again perpetrate whatever evils one pleases.

And the player should play the hero of St. hueary, roam in these spaces, and tame these monsters for the people of St. hueary.

The tasks in the game are random and will be encountered anywhere. The camp is fixed. When players encounter demons, it will have a real impact on the open world. All players can see it. When you defeat the devil, you also unlock the camp and create a new transmission platform for yourself. All markets will be open, and there will be a blacksmith who has never seen before.

The principle of player to player combat is that Mephisto’s hatred surges from hell, causing many players in the open world to enter the experience, which also makes you and your teammates enemies. Players fight in these areas. The boundaries caused by hate are not mandatory. Players can choose to join these areas and collect fragments of hate. You can get it from killing monsters, or complete the event to open the item box. There are many ways to get it, not necessarily to kill other players.

After obtaining hate fragments, players need to purify the fragments into usable currency. When players try to purify the fragments, nearby players will receive a notice that “someone is trying to complete the purification ceremony”, “we need to kill those players and grab the fragments before they complete”. Once you are purified, you can’t be robbed. Everyone can take the fragments before they are purified. Money can buy equipment, trophies and other props.