Didi’s Qingju bicycle held a media open day today, attended by Liu Qing, President of didi travel, Zhang Zhidong, general manager of Didi’s two wheeled vehicle division. Referring to the origin of Qingju’s name, Liu Qing, President of didi travel, revealed that some people even proposed to call it “fenghuolun” and “somersault cloud” in the early stage. After discussion, it was named Qingju, which implied that it was a fruit full of hope and a little green.

why didi want to be a green orange bike? Zhang Zhidong said that on the one hand, Didi wants to do one-stop travel, but it still needs to be closed after one kilometer; on the other hand, although there are other brands in the market, the experience still needs to be improved.

starting from 2018, Qingju bicycles will be launched from Chengdu. He revealed that at present, Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities, serving hundreds of millions of users.

However, the development of Qingju bicycle has not been smooth. For example, some local governments don’t understand; some users report that they can’t find a car when they buy a monthly card; they also need to spend a lot of money to conquer a certain technology.

he mentioned that Qingju bicycle had encountered positioning problems. For example, there is an inaccurate positioning problem between the two buildings. Later, Qingju found the Beidou technical team and overcame the technical difficulties through hard work, and realized the high-precision positioning of GPS + Beidou dual mode. At present, it has landed in some cities.

in addition to business and technical innovation, Zhang Zhidong also mentioned the situation of Qingju bicycle in environmental protection and poverty alleviation. In terms of environmental protection, shoes and suitcases were made from waste tires and parts; in poverty alleviation, bicycles were donated to solve the travel problem in poor counties. At present, Qingju has donated 20000 cars, and this year’s plan is 100000. (Zhang Jun)