Despite the ridicule of many peers, the fact that the new iPhone 12 series and the old iPhone on the official website is not equipped with earpods headphones and chargers has been settled. Apple said the change was a big step in achieving their carbon neutral target by 2030. But it has already brought tangible benefits to apple. According to DIGITIMES’ supply chain news, the sales of other apple wireless headphones have increased significantly due to the removal of earpods in the packaging box. Among them, the beats flex neck headset has become the first choice for consumers due to its fashionable appearance and low price. The beats headset quietly came on the shelf after the previous launch and was sold on October 23 – the same day the iPhone 12 was opened for sale, making it one of the alternatives to earpods at a price of only 399 yuan. Beats flex, also known as Apple’s “wireless in ear headset for all day wear,” suggests its current location. At present, the product is only available in two colors “Grapefruit yellow” and “beats classic black red”, while the other two colors “cold flame blue” and “brown gray” will be put on the shelf in winter. Shenzhen, for example, shows that the expected delivery date of the two color matching colors is 3 days, which is not too long. According to the data of counter, the airpods headset, which has accounted for 35% of the real wireless headset market, continues to perform well in the second half of the year. This year’s special environment has made the demand for real wireless headphones continue to grow. Other handset manufacturers will follow Apple’s steps to remove headphones from the packaging box, and the wireless headset market will continue to expand, supply chain sources said. Global Tech