In the early morning of October 14, Beijing time, the iPhone 12 press conference, which was expected by all, was coming, and four models were launched in one breath. The whole series of iPhone 12 supports wireless charging, and adopts a new wireless charging design. The maximum charging power can reach 15W, which is double that of the old model. < / P > < p > in addition, Apple also launched a MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charger at the press conference, which is also the first official mass-produced mobile phone wireless charger, marking that the iPhone has officially entered a new era of wireless charging, and will greatly promote the development of wireless charging market. < p > < p > Apple MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charger, as the name implies, is a magnetic suction design, with built-in magnets, which can actively absorb and align for wireless charging, and play while charging, which breaks the traditional wireless charging mode. In addition, only this product can charge the iPhone 12 series with 15W wireless charging, and the maximum charging power of other wireless chargers is only 7.5W. As Apple’s first mass-produced wireless charger, and at the same time made a special design, what is the inside of it? The following charging head network will share with you the detailed disassembly of this product. < / P > < p > the box is still a typical Apple style design, with white tone and square shape. The front of the box has Apple logo, MagSafe charger and product appearance drawing, which is very simple. < / P > < p > there is a paper slot on the right end of the cardboard to place the charging board, and the paper jam in the middle to fix the cable. The whole package is all paper-based, which can be said to be a good embodiment of Apple’s environmental protection action. < p > < p > Apple MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charger comes with usb-c input cable, and the junction between the cable and the charging board is treated with bending resistance. The bottom and edge of the charging board are designed with aluminum alloy shell; the top surface is made of plastic plate, with smooth surface and skin like feel. < / P > < p > here’s to show you the physical properties of this product. As the reserved iPhone 12 has not arrived, please wait for the specific charging evaluation. < / P > < p > blow it off with a hot-air gun. According to the package, it is tps61178. The boost converter will boost the input to power the wireless charging power level. It is inferred that Apple 15W wireless charging is based on the 7.5W wireless charging, which increases the high voltage, increases the transmission power, and the internal charge pump depressurizes the charging. < / P > < p > the components on the USB connector circuit board play a role in boosting voltage. Just the head of the input cable has done such a complicated design, which shows that this product is not ordinary. Next, disassemble the wireless charging board. < / P > < p > the aluminum alloy shell is disassembled, the edge magnet ring is composed of several small magnets and fixed with glue, the wireless charging coil is placed in the middle, and the bonding pad is insulated with glue. < p > < p > stwpspa1, customized wireless charging controller, CSP package, built-in power MOS transistor driver, and simple peripheral components. < p > < p > Apple MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charger is all paper-based, which is a good embodiment of Apple’s environmental protection action. Wireless charging with usb-c input cable, the body adopts disc design, aluminum alloy shell, the overall compact and exquisite. Magnetic suction and MagSafe wireless charging are its two core points. Automatic adsorption alignment and 15W wireless charging can play while charging, giving users a new experience in wireless charging. Apple’s efforts in wireless charging will have a huge impact on the entire wireless charging market, and it is worth looking forward to in the future. < / P > < p > through disassembly of charging head network, it is learned that a rather complex boost circuit is designed in the usb-c cable head alone. The interface controller uses cypress cypd2104, and Texas Instruments tps61178 is used to boost the voltage and increase the transmission power. The wireless charging board is equipped with Ti tmp302 for over temperature protection. The MPS step-down IC is used to supply power to stm32f446mey6, the wireless charging controller is also customized to Italian law. In addition, the products are well made from the cable to the charging board. The wire head is protected by spot welding with steel sleeve. The magnet ring and PCB board inside the charging board are fixed with glue. The PCB board is equipped with shielding cover. < / P > < p > the global shipment volume of iPhones of past generations is obvious to all, and the sales of iPhone 12 will not be bad. As the most perfect wireless charger of iPhone 12, its suppliers, such as Italian semiconductor and Texas Instruments, will benefit greatly. Global Tech