Apple apple has always been synonymous with high-end quality. The quality of Apple products is obvious to all, but the price is also high. However, it is also because of this, the market for inferior Apple accessories emerge in endlessly, Shanzhai products only need to hide the eyes of some consumers, can make huge profits, very profiteering. < p > < p > at the end of October last year, apple quietly launched the third generation of airpods pro in the official mall, but soon after, a fake version of airpods Pro appeared on the market. Recently, the charging head network has obtained a fake version of the airpods Pro wireless charging box. Let’s share its disassembly with you to see the difference between the original and the fake in the materials used for workmanship. < / P > < p > at the back of the charging box, the main body of the metal hinge straddles the upper cover and lower part of the charging box, and there is a matching button below. The design and manufacturing information is also printed between the hinge and the key of the charging box of the airpods Pro International Version, which is beginning to emerge here. < / P > < p > the wireless charging box is tested by using kt001. The charging voltage is 5.08v, the current is 0.58a, and the charging input power is 2.96w. < / P > < p > the fuselage shell is disassembled, and the wireless charging coil is directly fixed on the outer protective plastic shell, while the genuine charging coil is bonded to the inner wall of the fuselage with hard glue. < / P > < p > on the other side, it can be seen that the internal structure of the charging box is similar to that of the sandwich structure. The PCB board and the LED lamp are connected by a flat wire, and there is a cell between the interlayer. < / P > < p > there is a small iron block next to the earphone holder compartment. The reason why the weight of this charging box is very similar to that of the original one is to add counterweight iron to the inside. It can be said that the workmanship is not enough, and the iron is very simple and crude. < / P > < p > the first is the design and workmanship of the fuselage shell. This fake version of the airpods Pro wireless charging box has achieved a 1:1 restoration, and the appearance is highly similar; secondly, the weight is very close to that of the original, and efforts have been made in the details of upper hand feel; however, the work of the charging interface is relatively rough, and the metal shrapnel in the earphone holder compartment even appears rust. After the dismantling of the charging head network, it was found that the internal workmanship of the charging box was very rough, and even the similar body weight was realized by adding counterweight iron. It can be said that the workmanship is not enough to make up the iron. The charging and discharging of the built-in battery is controlled by the soft scheme of single-chip microcomputer, and the independent IC is not used. < / P > < p > in general, this fake version of the airpods Pro wireless charging box only makes a little effort in the appearance and texture, which can only deceive novice users and careless consumers, and the old fruit powder can be easily distinguished. For new users, it is more recommended to go to the official website to buy, do not suffer more losses because of small and cheap. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region