Unconsciously, “double 11” has changed from a single dog festival to a shopping festival for many years. Every double 11, you can see a wide range of preferential information, I believe there are indeed a lot of friends benefited. However, when the forest is big, there will always be a moth, and the surface “profit” may not be really beneficial! Today, the author wants to talk about those routines encountered on double 11. Do you have any? It’s a cliche of < / P >. In the past year’s double 11 or other shopping festivals, many users will reflect that a certain product seems to have been reduced by XX%, but in fact, this is only the result of false price reduction! Before the promotion, the price will be raised temporarily. When the activity starts, the price will be lowered. In fact, the price after the “discount” is not much cheaper than before, or even even more expensive. < / P > < p > this routine has been criticized for a long time. The media has reported this phenomenon for many times, and relevant departments and even e-commerce platforms have issued similar regulations to prohibit the fake discount of raising prices first and then reducing prices. However, there are still some loopholes and fake price reduction businesses still exist. As consumers, how to deal with it? This paper introduces some common methods. < / P > < p > this is the most commonly used method for their own online shopping users. At present, there are many shopping price comparison software on the market, such as shopping party, Huihui, etc. these price comparison software can be browser plug-ins or JS scripts. After installation, open the e-commerce page, you can see the price history trend curve, whether it is a fake price reduction. < / P > < p > price comparison software can not only compare the historical prices vertically, but also compare the prices of the same commodity on various platforms horizontally. It is definitely a good tool to find the lowest price. < / P > < p > this is much smaller than price comparison software. Some e-commerce platforms support price protection, that is to say, after you buy something, if you suddenly reduce the price after a period of time, you can apply for price protection and return the price difference. This mechanism is undoubtedly a good helper to deal with the fake price reduction. Consumers do not need to wait for the day of October 1 and 618 to place an order, and they don’t need to worry about whether it will be a fake price reduction on that day. In any case, if the price reduction is true, the price difference can be refunded through the price protection mechanism. < / P > < p > the problem is that price protection often requires manual application, and the entrance of price protection is not so conspicuous, which is quite inconvenient. In this regard, automatic price protection tools such as “Beijing price protection” can be used to automatically apply for price protection. The author got a lot of benefits through this software, strongly recommend you also try! In the face of supervision and all kinds of price comparison tools, fake price reduction is not as popular as it was before. Many businesses have launched discounts in the shopping festival such as double 11. However, are these offers really easy for you to get? Sorry, please take the exam first. < / P > < p > that’s right. Now, if you want to buy something affordable, the process is really similar to an exam. Nowadays, businesses don’t like buy it now. Instead, they hide the real price deeply through various coupons, full discount activities, cross store discounts, etc. You need to calculate the time limit and superposition effect of coupons, to stay on full time to reduce activities, to calculate the discount margin of order exchange, and even to sign in every day and even play various small games to get a really affordable price. It’s almost the same as the exam. This kind of incomprehensible price reduction can reduce consumers’ money expenditure, but it needs to pay extra time cost. Save money but spend time. Whether it is worthwhile depends on whether your time is worth the money. < / P > < p > Why are businesses not willing to cut prices directly and clearly, but to make so many detours? Many people believe that this is a strategy related to price discrimination. If you are willing to spend a lot of time in exchange for a price discount, you may be marked as a price sensitive user, otherwise you will be marked as a more powerful user. For different users, goods may have different pricing later, and this price discrimination strategy can make more profits for businesses. In other words, in shopping festivals such as the double eleven, merchants give users small favors in exchange for such wealth codes as crowd labels. In the end, who makes and who loses? < / P > < p > by participating in various activities, you finally get a very good discount opportunity. So does that mean you can buy affordable goods? Not necessarily. < / P > < p > many friends who have participated in the shopping festivals such as the double eleven have experienced inhuman rush buying. Before the double 11, put everything into the shopping cart, and then step down to place an order is the normal operation. But even so, people often have nothing to buy. Obviously, this is because the merchants did not prepare enough goods. The good price of double 11 is just a gimmick to attract traffic. In the end, not many goods are actually sold to consumers. < / P > < p > for many stores, the double 11 Shopping Festival is not so much a business opportunity as a great publicity opportunity. In this way of thinking, playing monkey class stock is also a matter of course. What’s more, after some limited commodities were snapped up in a flash, a large number of goods with price increases appeared on the second-hand trading platform. This has to be doubted whether there is an official scalper. < / P > < p > but for consumers, this strategy is very insincere. They toil until late at night to wait for the purchase, and finally find that they have been fooled and wasted energy and time. For this kind of routine which was not intended to be sold well, there is really no good way to deal with it at present. I can only grow my own dim sum. < / P > < p > well, if you see through the false price reduction, detours, and reduction of stock volume, you can always protect yourself if you don’t take advantage of the excitement? Sorry, I still can’t. < / P > < p > in recent years, more and more businesses have started the deposit strategy. What do you mean? Many days before the double 11, goods can only be purchased through deposit. After paying the deposit, we can’t deliver the goods, but we need to make up the balance on the day of double 11 to complete the transaction. To be fair, this kind of deposit strategy will bring a lot of more favorable prices. The total price of the deposit + balance is really cheaper than the usual business. However, it also brings about other problems, that is, even if you don’t plan to participate in activities like double 11, you can’t trade normally! If you want to buy something, you can only pay a deposit, and then pay the balance of the shipment on the same day of the double 11. If you need anything urgently, the system will not take care of you by default. < / P > < p > the reason why merchants like to use this way is to spend a lot of money on shopping. The deposit mechanism allows all transactions to be made on November 11, so that the data will be particularly good-looking. If you want to set a record, you just need to advance the date when you start to pay the deposit, and include the transaction data of more days into the double 11, and a new record will be easily available. < / P > < p > for ordinary consumers, deposit will cause trouble in many cases. How to deal with it? According to the author’s experience, if it is found that the goods can not go through the normal transaction process, then you can still communicate with customer service and ask for the payment in full on the same day and the goods will be delivered on the same day, but there may be no discount. It’s just that most people don’t realize it can be done, and the process is really more cumbersome, but in any case, if you don’t want to pay a deposit and wait for November 11 to deliver goods, it’s worth trying. < / P > < p > if you are tired of all kinds of business routines and regard double 11 as nothing, will you be able to jump out of the numerous routines of merchants? Maybe. But there are still other ways to annoy you. < / P > < p > even if you have all kinds of goods and materials, you have already pulled out all kinds of grass in your heart, and you don’t plan to buy anything on November 11, you will still receive various kinds of bombardment messages. After all, in the era of e-commerce, as long as you have done online shopping, it is equivalent to giving personal information to businesses. How can such a good promotion channel be let go in the auspicious day of double 11? Double 11 began to warm up, all kinds of promotional messages also followed, how a lively! < / P > < p > it is very difficult to avoid such a situation. After all, it is very difficult to completely stop online shopping. I hope that the platform and relevant departments can strengthen supervision, and this problem can be improved in the future. Of course, on the whole, shopping festivals such as the double eleven have brought tangible benefits, but these benefits sometimes go too far, affecting the normal shopping experience. I hope you can meet more sincere merchants this year. I also hope that businessmen can have less routine and more sincerity. I hope you can achieve your wish in this year’s double 11! Global Tech