Recently, the lancet studio released a demonstration of the domestic sci-fi FPS “border” benchmark test software. The official said that this is a test program based on the “border” stage background, which can restore a more real “border” world with full real-time ray tracing. It is hoped that players can glimpse the broad prospects of ray tracing technology through this demonstration. Border is a first person shooting game with space theme in the near future. It has a more simulated low orbit environment, which is also the feature of border. Movement is completely free in space, and players don’t have to be constrained by gravity like most shooting games. Zero gravity opens up a lot of possibilities, but also more challenges. < p > < p > < p > the story of border takes place in the real world in the near future. With the maturity of the space elevator, the speed and scale of space development are greatly accelerated, and the contradictions and conflicts among various forces are also increasingly intensified. The war between players has spread from the ground to space, and the space capsule, satellite and other near orbit areas have become players’ battlefield. In this new battle space, the player will play a space operator and adapt to a new way of moving. When facing enemies from all directions, they need to use thrusters and a variety of weapon combinations to launch a fierce space battle with the enemy. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure