On the night of September 24, Dongfeng Nissan released its brand new brand logo on the night of new Nissan brand, and the new pure electric SUV “ariya” also ushered in the domestic debut. In addition, the car will also appear at the 2020 Beijing auto show, and is planned to start selling in the second half of 2021. The new Nissan logo will adopt a more flat design. The familiar logo on the current model has been used for nearly 20 years. According to the official statement, the new logo not only focuses on the future, but also inherits the history and tradition. < p > < p > Nissan ariya made its debut overseas in July. This is a new car officially unveiled in China. It is also the first model in the domestic market to use the brand new logo. < / P > < p > the pure electric SUV with the front and rear dual motor layout is adopted. The acceleration of 0-100km / h only takes 5.1s. The official claims that the driving range can reach 483km. < p > < p > Nissan’s performance in recent years is unsatisfactory, especially under the pressure of a series of negative news such as Ghosn’s escape from Japan and so on, the launch of new brand logo and new model “ariya” has the intention of rebuilding the brand and getting rid of the negative influence of the market. Skip to content