Has anyone ever used the Donghai brand domestic computer? People who know this brand are probably middle-aged uncles, because they almost disappeared after the 1990s. But now Donghai PC is reborn, and use domestic x86 processor and Kirin OS system. The “Donghai” brand computer created by the former Shanghai Electronic computer factory in the 1980s has once become a national computer brand, which stands at the same time with Shandong’s “wave” and Beijing’s “Great Wall”. < p > < p > in the past five years, “made in Shanghai” computers with built-in “China core” have been applied in transportation, finance, energy, manufacturing and government departments, and gradually expanded its business from Shanghai to the whole country. < / P > < p > taking this opportunity, Donghai is ready to reshape its brand and recently launched a new generation of “Donghai” brand computer products in Shanghai, including desktop computers, servers and industrial control equipment. < / P > < p > the new “Donghai” is equipped with chips independently developed by megachip, together with domestic operating systems such as Galaxy Kirin; its R & D design and software adaptation are all completed by enterprises independently. Donghai PC is manufactured by the cooperative enterprise. A production base with an annual output of 100000 sets of equipment has been built in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province. It is expected that the production capacity will be further expanded to 300000 units in the next three years. Global Tech