Nowadays, there are more and more fat people. In order to pay more attention to their health, some products that can help to lose weight are coming out frequently, such as sugar free rice cooker. Have you paid IQ tax for it? For the recently popular de sugar electric rice cooker, no matter whether you pay attention to it or not, at least its publicity is still very fierce, of course, it also makes people very excited. For example, using it to steam rice can effectively reduce the sugar content of rice by 70%, and eating two large bowls is not equal to a bowl of rice steamed by ordinary electric rice cooker. < p > < p > in this regard, CCTV conducted an actual test, and the results showed that there was no difference in the actual blood sugar formed after eating the rice steamed by the sugar free electric rice cooker and the ordinary electric rice cooker. Legal experts said that the online red sugar free rice cooker is suspected of false publicity and even constitutes consumer fraud. < / P > < p > the test also showed that people did not understand a concept clearly enough. Hypoglycemia is not equal to hypoglycemia. Consumers need to correctly understand the product publicity. Especially for diabetic patients, they should not place their hopes on one pot of rice, and eating “low sugar” rice rice can not be the main way to “reduce blood sugar”. < / P > < p > again, a healthy lifestyle is not just low sugar rice, it’s also important to keep your mouth shut and open your legs. “Low sugar” electric rice cooker is just the booster of our eating habits. To keep healthy, the most important thing is to start from ourselves. Global Tech