According to doordash, Burma bites, a branch of Burma superstar in Oakland, California, is designed for delivery and takeaway services, as well as different versions of menus from the parent company’s restaurants and new dishes in environmentally friendly takeout packages. It is understood that all menus are priced between $12 and $19. < / P > < p > doordash did not disclose the amount of its investment in Burma bits, but told the verge in an email that it had been operating on the project for about a year. The restaurant was originally scheduled to open in March, but was delayed by the popularity of new melons. Georgie Thomas, director of regional merchant cooperation at doordash, said the company’s goal is to give restaurants the tools to connect with more customers and create new revenue sources, as well as to further its mission to create takeout concepts for a particular restaurant from scratch. < / P > < p > like other delivery platforms, doordash’s U.S. sales increased during the U.S. pandemic blockade, as restaurants closed their face-to-face restaurants. The company actually filed for listing in February, and it is reported that it plans to launch a traditional IPO by the end of the year. Doordash said in June that it had raised $400 million in equity capital, bringing its valuation close to $16 billion. < / P > < p > it is reported that doordash’s relationship with restaurants and their delivery drivers was somewhat unstable during the outbreak. In April, the company announced it would reduce the 50 per cent commission paid by restaurants in the United States, Canada and Australia over a limited period of time. Then in May, a story about a pizzerian owner profiting from doordash to buy his own inventory went viral online, raising questions about the company’s subsidies for some distribution. In June, San Francisco District Prosecutors sued the company for unfair business practices and employee classification errors. Last year, the company was accused of taking tips from customers to cover basic delivery costs. Door dash later changed the policy to ensure that drivers get a 100% tip. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days