The shortage of labor has become a major problem in the express industry in peak season. In the peak season of this year’s express delivery industry, the double-11, which started to pay the final payment in advance on November 1, fired the first shot, and the employment pressure has become increasingly prominent. According to the forecast of the State Post Office, the peak season of this year’s express delivery industry will be 103 days from the beginning of November to the eve of the Spring Festival (February 12, 2021). During the period of “11.11” (November 11-16), the peak of peak season will appear. It is estimated that the daily average express business volume will reach 490 million pieces, which is about twice the daily business volume. < / P > < p > this also means that during the promotion period, the express industry needs more grass-roots employees, including customer service, warehouse sorters, couriers, drivers, etc. However, the second half of the year often begins to enter the recruitment off-season, and the number of recruitment needs and job seekers in various industries has decreased month on month, which makes it difficult to meet the huge employment gap in the short term. According to the China employment training technical guidance center recently released, in the third quarter of 2020, the national recruitment is greater than the “most shortage of jobs” of 100 occupations, courier ranked ninth. In the past 11 years, express logistics industry has gradually formed a complete set of response mechanism to “double 11”. With the popularization of automatic assembly line, the main contradiction between pressure and manpower shortage is gradually transferred from express company headquarters and transfer center to terminal outlets. < / P > < p > “affected by the epidemic situation, many people are too lazy to find a job at the end of the year. Now they can’t recruit people at all. They can only wait until the beginning of the new year to have a look.” A staff member who specializes in labor dispatch business for SF express disclosed that, however, he found that this year’s labor shortage was particularly obvious: “whether it is a third-party recruitment company, or the express company’s own recruitment, the results are all bleak.”. < p > < p > Take Shanghai SF express as an example. Although there is no exact number of full-time couriers missing, it is quite common for a SF Express branch with about 70 people to be short of 20 couriers. < p > < p > on October 29, Jingdong Logistics, which also adopted the direct marketing mode, announced that it would recruit 15000 people nationwide in the fourth quarter, mainly for the grass-roots managers, storekeepers, sorters, couriers, drivers and other front-line posts. In order to increase the employment attraction, Jingdong Logistics said that all new regular employees will sign labor contracts, pay five insurances and one fund, and provide competitive salary and welfare protection. < / P > < p > compared with the centralized recruitment of Shunfeng, Jingdong Logistics and other enterprises directly operated by outlets, it is tempting to offer five insurances and one fund. In express companies such as “Tongda system” and Baishi, the pressure is transferred to the franchisees. < p > < p > a Shentong express franchisee who has been engaged in Shentong express for nearly 20 years told the interface news reporter: “if you can’t recruit people, double 11 is still quite sad, and it will form a vicious circle: the more grass-roots employees can’t be recruited in the outlets, the quality of delivery service is poor, the punishment from the headquarters will be more and more severe, some outlets will not be able to operate, the boss will run away, the consumer service experience is not good, and the express delivery service will be poor The company’s brand is affected. ” < / P > < p > “in the morning, the goods in Wuhan are full. The goods in the afternoon have not arrived yet. The goods from Yiwu in the evening are the main force. I urgently bought a new 8-meter van. ” On the afternoon of the 2nd, Qi Xiaoyun sent photos of the scene to reporters during the busy interval. Packages piled up in the network. The express outlets run by Qi Xiaoyun cover a large residential area with dense population in Wuhan, with an average daily volume of 8000-12000 tickets. According to him, in the peak season, in addition to the increase in the number of deliveries, coupled with the deep integration of local Shentong express and rookie wrapping business, it is expected that the return and exchange business will drive the maximum number of orders to increase by five times. Therefore, since September, he has been preparing for the expansion of manpower in the peak season of the industry in advance. He plans to recruit 10 more new employees to send pieces, so that the old salesmen can do the job. However, even if he offers a monthly salary of 10000 yuan, he is still not full. November 2 is the peak of the first wave of express delivery business in this year’s double 11. However, it began to snow in Jiagedaqi District, far away from the greater khinganling mountains, which intensified the anxiety of local express delivery personnel. The wechat profiles of Mr. Li, a franchisee of local express outlets, all wrote “Recruitment”. < p > < p > according to him, the average daily delivery of the outlets is about 6000 tickets, 30 couriers are employed, and each person delivers nearly 200 packages every day. Due to the relatively large area and sparse population in the area, the daily workload of the couriers is nearly saturated. In the peak season, we have to expand our staff. He predicted that the volume of goods in outlets would increase by 2.5 times during the period of double 11 this year, so he planned to expand 10 employees, but so far none of them have been recruited. < p > < p > according to the research of quantum consulting, which provides training and consulting services for express outlets for a long time, there are more and more express employees after 95 and 00, but their career attraction is not high, so they leave more frequently. < / P > < p > on November 11 every year, experienced express franchisees always have alternative plans. Qi Xiaoyun found an outside agency and recruited several part-time jobs from local college students, while Li Jian planned to call on relatives and friends for a top when the package arrived. < / P > < p > “it is not a big problem to deal with the double 11 peak this year.” The above-mentioned Shentong franchisees are very calm. According to him, the daily staff of the outlets are relatively stable, and they have been equipped with mobile posts for a long time, so the transport capacity has a certain surplus. In addition, the outlets are located in the urban area, the delivery areas are concentrated, and the infrastructure such as express cabinets and post stations are improved. He also shared a little experience: “usually, we should have a good relationship with the employees who have left the company, and double 11 is also good for emergency.” < p > < p > a express franchisee in Hengyang, Hunan Province, told reporters that it was not cost-effective to recruit temporary workers in peak season, because novices can only do the simplest work with low efficiency, so he recruits new employees in advance every year and trains them before taking up his post. Combined with the forecast for the growth of this year’s peak season, he has already expanded his staff by 20% ahead of schedule, and the staff will be ready before the end of October. < / P > < p > for express companies directly operated by outlets, they have already explored a mature employment scheme. Among them, crowdsourcing riders have become an important supplement to the transportation capacity of express delivery industry in the peak period of business in recent years. For example, click i-da to cooperate with rookie direct delivery (danniao), dada express with Jingdong express, SF intra city express delivery with SF express In contrast, crowdsourcing riders are more popular because they are paid by day, more work and more flexible working hours. < p > < p > according to the personnel responsible for the labor dispatch business of SF express, the full-time positions of SF express in Shanghai are all its own employees, and they directly sign contracts with Shunheng Logistics Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of SF express. Since the beginning of this year, Shanghai has been particularly short of employment. Shunfeng has accelerated the promotion of diversified employment mode. In addition to finding some labor dispatch staff and Shunfeng’s local crowdsourcing riders to supplement transportation capacity, it has also increased flexible employment (contract is contract), star housekeeper (receiving and dispatching partner for owners of residential quarters), and convenience stores (post station of SF). According to the statistics of the State Post Office, in order to cope with the peak season of this year, the headquarters of major express enterprises have strengthened the reserve of personnel, transportation capacity, site, processing equipment and information system capacity. At present, the enterprises have added 490000 temporary employees. According to about 4 million postal express employees nationwide, the proportion of new temporary workers is as high as 10%. < / P > < p > “I’m so tired that my salary has been earned by the intermediary. I don’t want to express any more!” A netizen told about his experience as an outsourcing temporary worker in an express company last year: the express company offered the same treatment standard as the regular worker at 25 yuan per hour, which could be exploited by large and small intermediaries. Finally, the salary was only 18 yuan per hour, which could be increased to 14.5 hours a day and 20 days at most. < / P > < p > the franchisees in Hengyang think that the recruitment mode of express outlets is backward and single, and there are many chaos, which affects the reputation of the express delivery staff and increases the difficulty of recruitment. “Some express company outlets are disorderly, they do not train after recruitment, do not explain the rules clearly, do not sign a contract and go to work directly. When things happen, they may get hundreds of yuan for temporary workers working half a month. Some even owe the outlets money. How can they keep people?” He said. < / P > < p > at the same time, affected by the new crown epidemic situation, the fierce price war in the express industry, and the change of double 11 game method, it is more difficult for express outlets to recruit people in the peak season of this year. < p > < p > quantum information, which has provided training and consulting services for express outlets for a long time, told interface news that the volume of express packages on double 11 has increased this year, which is expected to be 1.5-3 times of the daily volume in the industry. Moreover, the distribution and pre-sale of e-commerce and the longer time front of logistics distribution lead to changes in the operation mode of express delivery, including the employment mode of temporary workers. If a franchisee acts for multiple express outlets at the same time, it will also face the risk of personnel shortage during the peak period of business. < / P > < p > in the view of quantum information, the overall turbulence of couriers this year is more serious than in previous years, and the trend of switching to work as a rider is intensified. One of the important reasons is that the price war of express delivery is particularly fierce. After the headquarters has lowered the distribution fees to the outlets, the outlets have also reduced each single point of payment to the couriers, resulting in a contrast in the income of couriers. < / P > < p > according to the analysis of industry insiders, if a courier of Tongda department wants to get a monthly salary of 10000, according to the current average distribution fee of less than 1 yuan, at least 350 packages should be delivered every day, working from morning to midnight, such as crouching in front of the express cabinet. However, if you go to work as a delivery rider, you may get the same salary if you give 50 orders a day, and you can arrange the time flexibly. < p > < p > according to quantum information, due to the epidemic situation this year, some couriers did not come out to work during this period, and about 30% of them were young newcomers, and they were the first to take part in the double 11. According to the situation in previous years, 10% – 15% of the couriers in most of the outlets will be lost after the double 11, and the express delivery industry may face a more serious shortage of manpower when it comes to the double 12 express delivery industry. Global Tech