Recently, the municipal market supervision bureau, together with the municipal network and information office, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Communications Administration Bureau, and the Municipal Post Office, gave administrative guidance to nine key e-commerce platform enterprises, including Jingdong, tmall, meituan and weidian, on the standardization of the “double 11” network centralized promotion activities. In order to further standardize the online promotion behavior and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. < / P > < p > < p > “double 11” trumpet sounded high, and the overwhelming campaign of shopping publicity has come. But at the same time of chopping hands and pulling weeds, the routine of first rising and then falling, false delivery, threshold of red envelope, and stir frying letters with a single sheet are also too much to guard against. < p > < p > at the meeting, the municipal network information office required enterprises to strictly abide by the “network security law” and other relevant laws and regulations, operate in accordance with the law, fulfill the main responsibility of information content management, strictly regulate the behavior of carrying goods by live broadcast, and severely crack down on the behavior of publicizing erroneous thoughts and false propaganda. < / P > < p > the Municipal Public Security Bureau reminded enterprises to strengthen network security monitoring and early warning, and properly handle network security In the whole incident, strictly implement the main responsibility, check the prohibited and illegal articles, strengthen publicity tips, and strictly prevent all kinds of telecom network fraud; < / P > < p > the Municipal Communication Administration requires enterprises to carry out network security risk investigation, rectify high-risk loopholes, malicious programs and other problems, strengthen network security protection, improve data security governance ability, and ensure personal information data security; < / P > < p > 0 > 0 The Municipal Post administration puts forward requirements for enterprises from six aspects: timely release of consumption reminders, improvement of safety supervision system measures, good data sharing, improvement of express collection efficiency, development of intensive service at the end, promotion of green packaging, and elimination of “empty package” bill brushing The platform enterprises are required to implement the main responsibility, strengthen the management and control of the qualification information, commodity quality, credit evaluation, promotion measures, after-sales service, logistics express and other legal compliance of online stores in the platform, actively cooperate with the regulatory authorities to investigate and deal with the illegal behaviors of operators in the platform according to law, so as to form a positive interaction between platform autonomy and government supervision To jointly improve the awareness of law-abiding operation of operators in the platform and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The person in charge of each platform enterprise said that they would improve the rules of promotion activities, strengthen the quality management of goods, services and content, and resolutely put an end to fraudulent consumption, false publicity, and speculation. In the next step, the market supervision department will continue to play the coordinating role of the Joint Conference on network market supervision, take the opportunity of 2020 cybersword action, carry out a series of activities such as online live marketing industry standard training, and take various forms such as legal publicity, joint discussion, administrative guidance and key monitoring to further improve the supervision and inspection of the network market and administrative law enforcement We will work together to standardize the platform e-commerce business behavior, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote government enterprise cooperation and social co governance, and jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of the capital’s online market. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract