This year’s double 11 was earlier than that of Israel. The pre-sale of various commodities started in the early morning of yesterday. All major e-commerce platforms and businesses hope to have more selling points this year. < / P > < p > those who have sold things in e-commerce know that, usually, the platform will pay the funds to the merchants only after they take the initiative to confirm the receipt. Such a guarantee transaction is a protection for the buyer. However, the seller should not worry. Even if the buyer does not take the initiative to confirm the receipt, there is a time limit, and after that, it will be automatically confirmed. < / P > < p > in the past, this mechanism was ok, but in double 11, many things were pre-sale in advance. In addition, with the time limit for confirming the receipt of goods, it may take a month or even longer for the merchants to get the payment, so the pressure is greater than usual. As a result, a few days ago, some businesses issued an appeal during the double 11 period, hoping that netizens can actively confirm the receipt of goods after they buy things, so as to shorten the account period and collect the money earlier. < p > < p > this incident has also aroused heated discussion among microblog netizens. Some people think that the appeal of businesses is reasonable, while others do not agree with it. Why should consumers make sacrifices? This is the problem of the platform. I started to spend money from the time of pre-sale. Why should I confirm it to the platform and businesses in advance.

is worried about the collection of business, Alipay said that the joint network business bank to solve together, this year, participating in double 11 businesses after consumers pay the deposit in advance, you can recover the full amount, the tail part of the Alipay and other pads to businesses, the account period shortened by more than 20 days. Global Tech