“Taobao reminds me that the version is too old, let me update, I see, double 11 actually started now.” Meng Yun said. Different from previous years, this year’s double 11 Carnival came earlier and the cycle was longer. Tmall and jd.com both started the double 11 on October 21, with red packets, shopping allowances, coupons stacking and other games successively on the stage. The mode of “pre-sale + final payment” in the real estate field has also played an extreme role in the e-commerce industry. < / P > < p > in order to alleviate the logistics pressure or maintain data growth, the platform has made every effort to create greater value in the face of the largest promotion node in the second half of this year. < / P > < p > according to CSCI, after the comprehensive recovery of consumption in the golden week of the national day, this year’s double 11 has undertaken the outbreak of the largest online demand after the epidemic, which plays a key role in the normalization of consumption in the post epidemic era. In the battle of returning blood, “simplicity” has become the key word of various brands. However, for some users, the shopping game of double 11 has always been a double competition of physical strength and brain power: the rush purchase of goods is to stay up late, and the cross store full reduction is to be calculated carefully. Now, there may be one more index for investigation – memory. After all, the balance is to be paid in advance than in previous years, once forgotten, it may not be refunded. < / P > < p > this year, Jingdong double 11 was officially launched on October 21 and lasted until November 11. There were two waves of pre-sale, with the balance paid on November 1 and November 11 respectively for 22 days. Tmall and jd.com have the same rhythm, but the sales peak is on November 11 In addition to the “10 billion subsidy”, pinduoduo launched a cash back policy of cross store shopping, similar to full reduction, from October 21 to November 14; Suning e-buy took a step ahead and entered the double-11 status on September 28, and added a total of 4-day payment time from October 31 to November 3. In this regard, Jia Luo, vice president of Alibaba group and general manager of tmall platform operation business department, explained that the extension of time is actually the biggest change of tmall double 11 this year. The main consideration is to cover more users and enable them to participate. In addition, it can reduce the pressure of goods preparation and logistics to a certain extent, and give better play to the supply chain capacity. In an interview with Sina Technology, Xinchuan, head of the MCN operation of Taobao live broadcast, also mentioned that in previous years, double 11 express delivery was concentrated in the week after November 11, and delivery delay and other situations occurred from time to time. After the sales period is divided into two, the purchase experience of users will be further improved. < / P > < p > but not all users will buy it. Qi Xiang sighed to sina science and technology that he could not understand why the double 11 front had to be extended. “The deposit will be paid on October 21, and the balance will be settled on November 1. What is the relationship between double 11 and November 11?” She told Sina technology that she contacted the customer service of a tmall flagship store because she was not sure whether there was any discount on November 11. “The customer service told me that now they don’t know, what can be determined is that the price is not insured, so I’m very worried about whether to pay the deposit first or to buy it on November 11.” Unlike Qi Xiang, Jin Shan believes that two waves of pre-sale can help her better grasp the pace of shopping. “The better thing about this year’s double 11 is that you can buy it in advance. You don’t have to wait until November 11. You should be relatively well prepared.” However, before the pre-sale started on October 21, she was still flustered because she had no idea about the pre-sale rules. Jin Shan is not the only one who can’t figure out the rules. On October 21, my topic, which was driven crazy by the double 11 rules, appeared on Weibo hot search. Sina Technology launched the “do you understand how to play this year’s double 11” micro blog survey, a total of 23000 people participated in the survey, of which 6848 users chose “I’m sorry, I can’t even read it”, accounting for nearly 30%, and another 27% of the users chose “how to play? I think it’s a direct reduction. “. < p > < p > before the pre-sale of tmall double 11, Li Jiaqi talked about the precautions for this year’s pre-sale in the live broadcast, and summarized four key points in three minutes. Meng Yun feels that since it is a summary of essence, it should not be a problem to skim over it. “I was stunned when I read half of it. He said,” deposit orders are added to the shopping cart again. “I know all these words, but I don’t know how to operate them < / P > < p > however, even if it successfully passes the pre-sale test, there is still a mountain of final payment. Mu know make complaints about Sina Technology Tucao, because this year’s double 11 time is ahead of schedule, in November 1st, we need to pay a sum of money first, but inertia makes it happen. “I was in the login Taobao, found a shop sent me a message, this just remembered.” Mu said that she was very grateful to the store because “I have agreed to pre-sale agreement such as non refundable deposit” must be checked before submitting the order. That is to say, if users do not pay the balance on November 1, they will not only lose their favorite products, but also lose their paid deposit. “This is the only one that pushes the reminder, otherwise I may forget it all. That would be like beating eggs and chickens.” < p > < p > Li Min, senior partner of Shanghai Hansheng law firm, pointed out to Sina technology that if consumers agree to the pre-sale agreement that the seller does not refund the deposit when shopping, it is reasonable for the seller not to refund the deposit. “So November 1st this year is not the ordinary November 1st, but the November 1st when we have to get up and pay the balance.” As for why he wanted to get up, Mu Shi sighed, “I really want to go to bed early, but I have to stay up late for the extra gifts I only have to pay at 00:30.”. < p > < p > in fact, most of the merchants who enjoyed extra gifts before the launch of double 11 were beauty brands. However, it was not this point that made Jiang Wen feel speechless, but the so-called “buy one get one free”. < / P > < p > whether tmall or jd.com, in the promotion of beauty and skin care brand stores, “buy one, get one free” can be regarded as a very attractive word. However, the purchase is formal, but the gift may be a sample. < / P > < p > take the official flagship store of snow flower show Jingdong as an example. The page shows that “buy one suit, get one free”. In fact, only one Ziying basic skin care suit is consistent with it. Most of them are “enjoying XX luxury gifts”, which is a small sample. < p > < p > the same is true of Lancome. In the Lancome flagship stores of tmall and Jingdong, 400ml of powdered water, 50ml of muscle base solution of small black bottle, and 20ml of Jingchun eye cream are all given as gifts. In Jiang Wen’s opinion, formal clothes and small samples have totally different feelings, and the price is not comparable at all. “So it’s disgusting to see an anchor talking about buying one for free in the live room. It’s not the same at all. Normally, in duty-free shops and foreign counters, many small samples will be given free of charge. On the contrary, do double 11 regard these as welfare?” < / P > < p > a beauty industry personage analyzed to sina science and technology that it is impossible to reduce the price of large-scale formal clothes. Giving small samples is a compromise to ensure the price of formal clothes. Otherwise, the price system of formal clothes will be impacted by promotional activities. Mu Zhi also mentioned that there was a slight lack of sincerity in this year’s double 11. In the past few years, she has only stocked daily necessities in Shuang 11, and all her cosmetics are sold in duty-free shops. “This year, because of the epidemic situation, we canceled the plan to go abroad, so we couldn’t go to duty-free shops. During the period of double 11, we bought more cosmetics and skin care products. But it is true that the activity price of some goods is not as good as that of purchasing on behalf of others, let alone go to the duty-free shop.” < p > < p > because of the double 11, Mu Zhi seldom goes shopping in October, and those who can wait for double 11 will never be the first. However, Lin Yi’s experience is that he wants to place an order and receive the goods immediately, but he is affected by double 11 and can not be realized. Last week, Lin Yi’s friend had a birthday. She wanted to give her a SKG cervical massager as a gift, but the one she planned to buy for tmall double 11 was only sold in advance. “That week is my friend’s birthday, and there is no stock. Later, I had to change another one. There are some urgent things. If I catch up with double 11, I won’t give you a chance to buy them.” In fact, not all goods are limited to participate in double 11 activities, but there is a significant difference between participating in double 11 and not participating in double 11. Lin Yi found that a certain brand of women’s shoes to participate in the double 11 is complete in size and sufficient in quantity, but the same product that does not participate in the double 11 is out of stock. However, she was not willing to wait for the logistics backlog and delivery time. She would rather buy the original price and deliver the goods immediately. Similar to Lin Yi, Xu Lu’s perception of double 11 is “chicken ribs”. “The price reduction is not very strong. Some products are first reduced and then raised. I met them in Jingdong last year. Moreover, building buildings and raising cats are really too troublesome and time-consuming. In addition to bringing interaction and increasing traffic to the platform, users can’t get much money in the end.” Lin Yi also added that she knew that some commodities would be cheaper when they were fully sold and reduced, but she had lost the patience to do calculation problems. “So I bought the spot, which is higher than the double 11 price, but once I enter the double 11 game, I can’t just spend the money now. I will definitely buy more.” < / P > < p > under the repeated publicity and practice year after year, double 11 is like a shopping game of “sorry for yourself if you don’t buy it”. The difference is that since last year, the game scene has been added with live broadcast. According to the data provided by Taobao, 10 minutes after the pre-sale of tmall double 11 was opened, the turnover guided by Taobao live broadcast exceeded that of the whole day of last year, with a growth of four times. Especially in the field of beauty, a total of 12 items sold more than 100 million yuan in one hour of Taobao live broadcast. < p > < p > after the pre-sale of double 11 was opened, Jin Shan would visit the live broadcast every day. So far, she has placed an order for more than 3000 yuan, all of which were purchased from the studio of anchors such as Li Jiaqi and Weiya. She described herself as “crying, shouting and running to put money into Li Jiaqi’s pocket, but at the same time, her consumption concept was relatively rational -” buy what you need, and don’t buy what you don’t need. ” “The world is deliberately anxious, because happiness is bad for the economy,” Matt Hagrid wrote in “why to live.” Anxiety induced impulse consumption, contrary to Jin Shan, there are many people. Sina Technology in idle fish search “double 11 pre-sale” found that many users are reselling the outstanding balance of double 11 pre-sale goods. Some users wrote in the description of the product: “no use, look at everyone robbed, I also robbed, now do not want.” < / P > < p > this is the post purchase anxiety, and more anxiety is actually before the purchase. However, no matter whether the purchase behavior occurs or not, as long as you start to think about the double 11 rule and expect the advantage that will be taken under this rule, you will have entered the double 11 game world. In this world, personal consumption concepts and norms may be temporarily changed, and the rules of the game are in the hands of the platform. Jin Shan regards double 11 as a festival to reward herself, but she also says frankly that the festival is becoming more and more troublesome. And Xu Lu said he never joined in the excitement of the double 11: “buy one give one is not saving 50%, I don’t buy anything, save 100%.” After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today