How hard do young people try to control their hands? Before there has been “out of the circle” Baidu “ring color bar”, now there is a new rise of Douban “debtor alliance.”. As the name implies, the former forbids “abstaining”, while the latter controls “borrowing”. Although there are some differences between the two positions in controlling their hands, the cruel scene of violent tearing between the spurious desire of young people and the desire of self-discipline is exactly the same. Maybe they have the only thing in common. < / P > < p > < p > < p > although there are still many young people who adhere to the concept of “control the lower body and be happy for the rest of their lives”, the atmosphere of the whole community has gradually deviated from its original function due to extensive creation, more and more people’s creation and secondary creation, full of self mocking light humor. < p > < p > so later, the “stop lust bar” was usually called “XX youth’s spiritual paradise”. Many people even took time to have fun after a day’s hard work. In contrast, what the “debtors’ union” group presents is the cruel B side of youth life, which is particularly dazzling and inappropriate at this time point. If you don’t want to block yourself on this day, please don’t rush into this group. < / P > < p > if we have to correspond to the “spiritual paradise” of “quit sex bar”, we can call the “debtors union” as “the tombstone of a better life”: most young people here wake up from the dream of consumption upgrading, open their eyes and see that bills are like shovels of earth, and are about to bury themselves alive. < / P > < p > it’s too heavy to bear a joke. It’s too urgent to hold a sentence of “ha ha ha ha ha ha”. All the people here are either trying to find ways for themselves or helping others, but of course they are powerless. In the deep water of debt, these young people are drowning, where they try to reach out and avoid sinking each other. < / P > < p > when the double 11 carnival is going on, it’s like a small dark confessional room. 15000 members of the team kneel in front of the curtain of the Internet, whining and sobbing, hiding in the roar of gongs and drums of the grand carnival. But if you stop and listen carefully, every sound is a bone deep sadness. < / P > < p > a girl born in 1995 said that she had little pocket money since childhood and was often hungry. When she grew up, she was easy to be affected by marketing and began to take revenge consumption. In 2018, guangkouhong bought nearly 300 pieces, an average of one a day, “roughly rounding it down: China Merchants 50000, CITIC 4500, meituan 27000, Baidu 55809, Huabei, 16918, Jingdong, 5000, borrowed, 1000, friends, 2000.” She posted a detailed repayment plan and listened carefully to everyone’s opinions. < p > < p > the 30-year-old netizen who was cheated by 600000 people in five days is a mother who has just given birth to a second child. For her, the fraud happened inexplicably. First, someone pretended to be a courier, added her wechat, and then guided her to brush the bill. “She was trapped into 600000 step by step. She lost her mind in those days. All kinds of borrowing money from friends, and even borrowed 160000 yuan from two online lending platforms.” at the same time, she still had a newborn child waiting to be fed and had paid for it Kim’s house is subject to a down payment. < p > < p > < p > a friend of mine told me that the existence of the “debtors’ Alliance” group was still shocked when she stepped into the group as a girl who also liked shopping and couldn’t resist the temptation of Li Jiaqi at night. She was curious about how someone could casually owe dozens or even millions of dollars without buying a car or a house. Where did it go? Why is there anyone who owes so much but doesn’t know? At the end of last year, Nielsen published what is known as the first “report on the debt situation of young consumers in China”. According to the report, the overall penetration rate of credit products among young people in China has reached 86.6%. When interpreting the report, He Xin, director of consumer insight research at Nielsen, said that although the data is close to 90%, nearly half of them use credit products as payment tools, such as credit cards that are cleared within interest free. After deducting the part of payment instrument, the real debt group of young people in China accounts for 44.5% of the total young people. Some of them believe that “money is not saved” and “the rich are highly leveraged”. In order to maintain high consumption, they dare to walk the tightrope, linger among different consumer loan platforms and bank credit cards, and skillfully tear down the east wall to pay Paul. < / P > < p > of course, there are many experts who have really become rich through this method. Another friend I know is that he cashed in and started small businesses with various small investments. After a meal of operation, he earned the first pot of gold and got rid of the debt. < / P > < p > but more people can’t get out of the siege of consumer loans. When there is no way out, some people have to run away. They will disappear from their familiar interpersonal network overnight and begin a period of “exile” losing their social identity. More people will choose to end their lives in the extreme way, “one hundred.”. Young people who like to save money also form their own school. The existence of various “stingy” groups on Douban and various high praise notes on Xiaohong books that teach you to save money all indicate the huge individual differences in consumption concept. Some people save 500000 yuan at 27 years old, while others owe 500000 yuan at 27 years old. What is the difference between < / P >? Perhaps age is not the most important factor, no one is casually in debt, everything is for a reason: growth experience, self-control, judgment and gambler’s mentality are all important factors. < / P > < p > yesterday afternoon, shortly after a friend paid attention to the “debtors’ Alliance” on microblog, the “debtor alliance” was caught in many double 11 topics and rushed into the hot search of microblog. < / P > < p > or yesterday afternoon, a colleague sent a report on the consumption of young people just released from an e-commerce platform. They summed up the young people’s consumption concept as “spending ahead of time, not enough on the whole and not poor on the part”. They summed up the attitude of these young people to “all I do now is to better myself”. Last night, we took half an hour to set a new record: 372.3 billion tmall trading volume, 1457 times the first double 11 in 2009. < / P > < p > suddenly, I remembered a coincidence. At about the same time last year, I knew “how much debt do you have after 90?” The answer under the question has once become a hot topic. This time is also the founding time of the “debtor alliance” group. “< / P > < p > perhaps the” debtors’ union “is the first time that these debtors reflect on Consumerism in their heart rather than in jest. Compared with those eager to accuse, this post left a deep impression on me: < / P > < p >” she was too young at that time, did not know all the gifts given by fate, and had already marked the price in secret. “Still remember Zweig’s writing about Queen Mary This classic sentence? < / P > < p > when someone tries to rationalize, or even elevate, any borrowing behavior beyond your ability with good words, think about whether you can afford it. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen