In the peak season of the express industry, the shortage of labor has become a major problem in the express industry. In the peak season of this year, the “double 11” which started to pay the final payment in advance on November 1, fired the first shot, and the employment pressure has become increasingly prominent. On the eve of “double 11”, the business outlets of many express delivery companies, including “three links and one delivery”, are “recruiting and recruiting” couriers. < p > < p > Li Zhuangzhong is the person in charge of an express company’s outlets. At more than 7:00 p.m., his express brother in charge of the outlets is still working in full swing, and one truck of Express items are being unloaded. Li Zhuangzhong told reporters that since September, he began to recruit people, and offered a monthly salary of up to 10000 yuan for some jobs. However, the recruitment was not smooth, but he was also on the front line. < p > < p > Li Zhuangzhong, head of chegongmiao branch of China express in Shenzhen: this year, the volume of “double 11” should be 3.5 to 4 times of the normal. We usually work in three shifts a day, but at present, we work in groups 24 hours a day, which is equivalent to a machine running continuously. < / P > < p > during the promotion of e-commerce, the express industry needs more grass-roots employees, including customer service, warehouse sorters, couriers, drivers, etc. However, the second half of the year often begins to enter the recruitment off-season, and the number of recruitment needs and job seekers in various industries has decreased month on month. In addition, the epidemic situation this year has increased the difficulty of recruitment, making it difficult to meet the huge employment gap in the short term. According to the statistics of the State Post Office, in order to cope with the peak season of this year, the headquarters of major express enterprises have strengthened the reserve of personnel, transportation capacity, site, processing equipment and information system capacity. At present, the enterprises have added 490000 temporary employees. According to about 4 million postal express employees in China, more than 10% of the new temporary workers are added. According to the data of the State Post Office, during the “double 11” period this year, the average daily express business volume is expected to reach 490 million pieces, about twice the daily business volume. At the same time, this year’s “double 11” is likely to continue from a single day shopping peak to 10 days or even half a month. Wen Li, senior manager of public affairs of SF Express Co., Ltd.: from the perspective of the whole network, it is expected that during the peak period of business, the largest increase of our single day volume will be 170%. Take Shenzhen business district as an example, from 1 to 3 days, the overall business volume will increase to 40% month on month compared with the normal day, some communities even grow to 100%, and some small unit areas even increase to 100% Up to 300%. < / P > < p > the lengthening of sales cycle will form a greater test for the sustained combat ability of express delivery enterprises. Under the double test of “normalization of epidemic prevention and control” and “peak season”, the equipment of “black technology” is more and more applied to all aspects of express transportation. Zhou Guangping is a delivery agent. He usually receives and delivers about 130 pieces of express every day. During the peak period of “double 11”, 160 pieces are sent in a single day. This year, he will wear smart devices and free his hands. He only needs to scan the ID card scanner to identify the express information, and then through the online operation of the collection and dispatch app on the smart watch, the collection and dispatch of each express can be shortened by 20 seconds on average. < / P > < p > in order to meet the “double 11”, many express companies have completed the comprehensive upgrade and expansion of field automation equipment in advance. The reporter came to the distribution center of a express company in Songgang, Shenzhen, where the express delivery from the pre-sale period of “double 11” is being processed. The person in charge here told the reporter that from November 1 to 3, the total handling capacity reached 15 million pieces. You Xinhe, manager of Shenzhen distribution center of China Express: at present, we have invested 35 sets of accumulated automation equipment, and about 32 new distribution centers have been built. At present, the automatic sorting equipment can operate 72000 tickets per hour, an increase of about 80% compared with the same period of last year. It is expected that the next peak will be between the 12th and 14th, with a single day peak of about 11 million tickets. < / P > < p > to cope with the great test of peak value, large flow and super strength, the preparation of equipment site and personnel is the foundation. This site is the largest operation center of Shentong company in Guangdong Province. In order to cope with the “double 11” test this year, the transfer center took less than 70 days to put into production, with an operating area of more than 50000 square meters. It introduced automatic sorting equipment such as three-layer cross belt, swing arm and telescopic machine, which was 50% higher than the original site. < / P > < p > at the same time, by adding new operation modes of air network and high-speed rail network, various express companies have realized the continuous increase of multimodal transport, and the overall express digestion capacity is more than twice that of ordinary days. Double 11 is the blowout period of global consumption. In addition to further activating domestic demand, it has also led to the hot sales of Chinese goods overseas, which not only accelerates the development of China’s economy, but also enlivens world trade. What is the situation of overseas logistics during the “double 11” period? Cao Guang, the head of an international logistics company, told reporters that in order to cope with the “double 11” this year, they invested nearly 300 million yuan to comprehensively expand and digitize the sorting centers and overseas warehouses at home and abroad in terms of warehousing, equipment, human resources and transportation capacity. However, what she didn’t expect was that the “double 11” was more popular than expected this year. Since November 1, the German warehouse and Japanese warehouse have repeatedly burst, and the unit volume of import business has increased several times than expected. On the eve of November 20, the number of employees who are sent to the international warehouse will be increased by three times Long working hours to cope with the increased volume. < p > < p > affected by the epidemic situation this year, the consumption scene has further accelerated to shift to online. This trend will be more obvious in the coming “double 11” and Christmas shopping season. In addition to the traditional charter mode, containers carrying cross-border e-commerce export packages have become the highlight of this year. Export packages are shipped from the warehouse to the Alataw pass comprehensive protection zone at any time. After the Customs has approved and released the electronic list, the containers will be directly shipped to Europe from the railway station after leaving the comprehensive protection zone. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today