I believe you have found that, different from previous years, this year’s double 11 Shopping Festival came earlier and has a longer cycle. Tmall and Jingdong both started the double 11 on October 21. Sina Technology launched a microblog survey on “do you understand how to play double 11 this year?” a total of 23000 people participated in the survey. Among them, 6848 users chose “excuse me, can’t read even read it”, accounting for nearly 30%. Another 27% of the users chose “how to play? I think it’s a direct reduction. “. < / P > < p > in fact, in the double 11 war, the platform and the platform are the “enemies”. Users just want to gain the booty of victory by constantly increasing the weight of the platform. However, with the continuous upgrading of the double 11 war, users are exhausted. All the hard work of the platform has turned into pressure on consumers. Let a lot of netizens have “anxious, chaotic, muddled” feeling. < / P > < p > platforms and businesses want to make more money, while users want to spend less. How to find a balance in this consumption Festival created by e-commerce tests the wisdom of the platform and, of course, challenges the patience of consumers. Global Tech