On the evening of November 10, night fell, and the headquarters of Lin’s wood industry, located in Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, was full of lights. Hours before the “double 11” battle for goods, employees were already on duty. At this time, more than 85% of the staff in the positions related to market operation and customer service were working overtime, and 50% of the staff in the surrounding supporting departments were working overtime. Many employees tied red strips with the words “fire fighting” on their forehead. Foshan, known as the “important town of furniture manufacturing in China”, has more than 2800 furniture enterprises, large and small. This day will be a sleepless night for the enterprises that rely on domestic e-commerce channels like Lin’s wood industry. This is equivalent to the year-end assessment. One day’s revenue can account for 20% – 30% of the whole year’s revenue. At the same time, it is also an acceptance of the annual product strategy and organizational efficiency. < p > < p > at 0:00 on November 11, with the fast beating numbers on a large screen in the office, in less than 100 seconds, the turnover of Lin’s wood industry has exceeded 100 million. An employee beat a drum at the scene. Li Chengze, vice president of the company’s brand, began to shout with a microphone. The atmosphere was like a festival party. On the one hand, as an important shopping day of the year, the arrival of “double 11” has stimulated and stimulated the growth of domestic demand. However, from the perspective of consumers, due to the impact of the epidemic, the budget in hand is reduced and consumption tends to be rational. At the same time, people still have requirements for product quality and quality of life, so consumption choices will be more cautious. On the other hand, the epidemic situation at the beginning of the year has led to the production of enterprises to be suspended for a time. For small and medium-sized enterprises with poor risk resistance ability, they may evolve into a “survival crisis” at any time. Fortunately, with the effective control of the epidemic situation, as well as the national and local governments have issued supporting policies, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises have overcome this difficulty. < p > < p > in particular, the financial industry, represented by the banking industry, has benefited the real economy by increasing credit supply, reducing financing costs, optimizing guarantee services, and strengthening financial services. Some provinces and cities also provide loan discount support for key enterprises to combat the epidemic, so as to resolve the enterprise liquidity crisis. At the regular policy briefing of the State Council, Liu Guoqiang, vice president of the people’s Bank of China, said that in the first 10 months of this year, the financial system has allowed about 1.25 trillion yuan to the real economy through two direct tools, namely, reducing interest rates, delaying repayment of principal and interest of small and micro enterprises and inclusive small and micro credit loans, reducing fees, supporting enterprises to restructure and converting debt into equity, which is expected to be realized in the whole year Now, the target of 1.5 trillion yuan of interest will be transferred. < / P > < p > for enterprises, the recovery of revenue needs the test of time. Therefore, this year’s “double 11” is very important for many small and medium-sized enterprises which mainly focus on online marketing channels, and it is related to the annual revenue results. < / P > < p > although “double 11” has only one day, for the participating enterprises and the upstream and downstream supply chains, behind the one-day high-intensity terminal sales, there are several months of careful preparation. < / P > < p > in Guangzhou, the person in charge of an enterprise that pays equal attention to online sales and distributors in its sales channels told the first finance and economics reporter that its upstream raw material procurement started preparation two months ago, concentrated production in one month, and began to urge dealers to prepare goods in early October. < / P > < p > “on the day of” double 11 “, it is mainly the marketing department and other relevant departments that are working overtime. On the contrary, other departments are idle. This leisure time can last until January next year. Before the Spring Festival, production should be stepped up to prepare enough goods for the Spring Festival.” The person in charge said. In Chaozhou, the person in charge of a small factory that supplies parts for a stew pot brand told reporters that he started receiving orders from the other party two months ago. These two months can be said to be the busiest time of the year. He also temporarily recruited a group of workers to work overtime, and the goods were shipped out by truck until the first three weeks of the “double 11”. < / P > < p > “since the end of last year, we have started to formulate new plans for the new year, and we usually take the maximization of performance and output of” double 11 “as one of the criteria. After the promotion in June, we will update the new planning and resume the projects in transit according to the market situation, and keep up with the market changes, so as to ensure that the “double 11″ outbreak of Shangxin from August to October will be more certain. ” Li Chengze said. < p > < p > he said that before the “double 11”, three actions should be completed, including confirming the real capacity of all suppliers; according to the sales forecast provided by the operation, the “double 11” order should be placed to the factory in early September, with additional reserves of 20% – 30% of the key series; supply risk investigation should be conducted twice in the early January, once a week, and then once a day. < / P > < p > as an Internet home furnishing brand enterprise, Lin’s wood industry attaches great importance to e-commerce channels. After participating in 12 “double 11”, Lin has summed up a set of Internet playing methods. < / P > < p > “what we are comparing now is not front-end capability, but back-end strength. The competition of online marketing has changed from traffic to traffic value, which is directly reflected in the ability of digital operation and management. ” Li Chengze said. According to the latest “double 11” e-commerce industry data report (2020) released by tianyancha, at present, there are more than 3.78 million e-commerce related enterprises in China. Among them, Guangdong Province has the largest number of e-commerce related enterprises, about 740000, accounting for 19.66% of the national total. < / P > < p > under e-commerce, new ecology has emerged in endlessly. For example, since this year, e-commerce live broadcasting enterprises have ushered in explosive growth. According to Tianyan data, there are more than 39000 related live broadcasting enterprises in China. < / P > < p > the impact of the epidemic can not cover up the huge domestic demand momentum of China’s market. On November 12, tmall announced that the total transaction volume of this year’s “double 11” reached 498.2 billion yuan, which refreshed the “double 11” data again. The turnover of 450 brands exceeded 100 million yuan, and nearly 800 million consumers participated in it. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today