“Live with goods” is good, but it should be treated rationally. On the afternoon of November 6, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of market supervision, together with the member units of Shanghai Joint Conference on network market supervision, convened an administrative guidance meeting on “standardizing the online centralized promotion activities of the double 11” held by 20 key e-commerce enterprises in Shanghai, including pinduoduo, Ctrip, meituan review, Gome online, xiaohongshu, hungry Mo, dewu app, HEMA Xiansheng and Jingdong Jiajia. < p > < p > in 2020, Shanghai’s online trading market will maintain a stable and healthy development, and many e-commerce enterprises will grow against the trend. However, the market supervision department found in the law enforcement inspection that there are still some illegal businesses in the field of network transactions in order to seek benefits, there are some illegal acts. From January to October 2020, Shanghai’s market supervision departments investigated and dealt with 5226 cases of various types of network violations, with fines and confiscations of 8.832 million yuan. < / P > < p > some operators, by entrusting the so-called “marketing company”, make favorable evaluation templates and repeatedly publish them on the page of the sold goods, so as to improve the praise degree of the sold goods in a short time, and make the sold goods rank higher in the praise of the same type of goods. Some operators agree on the quantity and code number of the orders in advance by entrusting them to swipe their hands on the Internet or contacting their relatives and friends by themselves. They deliver goods with small gifts or empty bags instead of real goods, pay commission and return the principal of orders at the same time, so as to form corresponding false transaction records and make up the sales volume of goods sold. Some operators buy special express package number from the empty package website, and do not need to mail any goods to improve the sales of the goods sold. < / P > < p > although some online food operators publicize the business license and food production and operation license on the online platform, but the actual production and sale of food is beyond the scope of their permission, which is beyond the scope of business. < / P > < p > some operators use the manufacturer’s recommended retail price as the original price to attract consumers to buy. The original price is higher than the lowest transaction price of the same operator in the same trading place within 7 days before the promotion. < / P > < p > some operators engage in promotional activities, and the preferential rules are complex. They claim that all kinds of preferential price commitments, such as full reduction and free purchase, have not been fulfilled or not fully fulfilled. In the next step, the market supervision department will strengthen the random inspection of anti epidemic protective articles, food, clothing, shoes and hats, and investigate and deal with the behavior of online sales of unqualified goods in accordance with the law. We will continue to crack down on such behaviors as swiping orders to stir up letters, post and deliver empty parcels, and buy and sell express orders. We will continue to carry out special rectification of online live broadcasting, standardize the order of online business activities such as “live delivery with goods”, and investigate and deal with illegal acts in the field of “live delivery with goods” according to law. At the same time, we will work with relevant departments to carry out the “cyber sword action” in 2020, standardize the order of network business activities, and promote the healthy development of network economy. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure