When firefighters arrived at Austin Parra’s home on January 12, 2017, they could see smoke and charred remains of office chairs outside, CNN reported. Parra, then 20, had been taken to hospital. His mother explained to the firefighters that her son’s chair caught fire while he was sleeping and that he was burned when he moved it outside. Anthony digoti, fire chief of Weatherfield, Connecticut, who was investigating the incident, could see that the door and door frame were also damaged by the fire. He noticed bowls scattered around him, which he wrote in his official report, filled with water to try to put out the fire. < / P > < p > but what interests digoti most is a white USB cable. In his report and in an interview with CNN, he said that part of the wire hung on the chair and was still intact, but the other side was glued to the seat and had melted into a bare wire. < / P > < p > digoti finally concluded that the fire originated from the wires Parra used to charge the phone. His report said there was a short circuit in the wires, and while it is not clear why this happened, “the heat generated by the wires ignited the interior of the office chair.”. Amazon has the largest online retailer in the world. It is sold by Amazon basics, one of Amazon’s popular private label collections, which offers affordable products including consumer electronics, home appliances, home appliances and office accessories. < / P > < p > according to the retailer, Amazon basics was launched in 2009 and has grown to offer more than 5000 products. Its mission is to identify everyday products that Amazon can create that are of similar or higher quality and lower prices than existing brands – a strategy adopted by companies such as Costco and target. < / P > < p > the company is vigorously promoting more and more Amazon basics products on its website, which has become a popular product since the establishment of the product line. According to research by marketplace pulse, many products are rated more than four stars. Sales at the online retailer have been soaring in recent months as millions of Americans have been at home – in many cases working remotely – during the duration of the epidemic. < / P > < p > however, in their complaints to government regulators and in comments posted on Amazon’s own website, consumers questioned that Amazon basic’s products had serious security problems. According to an analysis of Amazon basic electronics and appliances listed on amazon.com, since 2016, there have been at least 1500 reviews covering more than 70 products describing product explosion, fire, smoke, melting, causing electrical failure or other risks. < p > < p > the reviews found only account for a small part of the total purchase volume of products, and the fire caused by consumer electronic products is not unique to Amazon brand products. User error can also be a factor, as can faulty or aging lines within the home or defective equipment used with the product. < / P > < p > but electrical engineers interviewed by CNN said that if they are well made and used properly by consumers, electronic products like those sold under the name of Amazon basics should be rarely dangerous. < / P > < p > in more than 1500 comments, many consumers clearly pointed out that the product is potentially dangerous – using words such as “dangerous” or “fire”, or that the product should be recalled. Before CNN’s release, there were still about 30 items on Amazon’s website with three or more similar reviews on sale. At least 11 other products that meet this standard are no longer available at launch. Some of the products became unavailable after CNN started reporting, and at least four product pages were completely removed from the retailer’s website – leaving a website called & quot; dog pages & quot; by employees. Amazon confirmed that at least eight of the products had been under investigation, but said the company determined that they all met its safety standards. < p > < p > Amazon shoppers vividly describe the terrible failures and dangers. A father recalled that a surge protector turned into a blowtorch, and he said flames were coming out of the device, which was near his baby’s nursery. Cell phone chargers are said to have burned people’s hands and legs, and explosive batteries are said to have sprayed chemicals on someone’s face. According to one parent, a USB cable caught fire in a car with a child in it. Another car’s charger is reported to have caused an electrical fire on the highway, which is said to have burned a coat and burned the driver. According to several consumers, the shredder opened itself, and it is said that one of the shredders exploded a fireball, which burned someone’s arm and his hair. One mother said that when her 8-year-old went to heat her macaroni and Cheese Cup, a microwave suddenly caught fire and she had to take the appliance out and spray it with a hose. According to Amazon’s website, each of these purchases is a & quot; Verification & quot;, which means Amazon confirms that the customer who wrote the comment did buy the product on the site and did not receive a & quot; deep discount & quot;. Several of them also had photos of the burned items. < / P > < p > while the best way to determine the cause of something’s failure is to physically test and disassemble it, many customers say they immediately throw away defective devices or send them back to Amazon at the company’s request. < / P > < p > CNN obtained two damaged Amazon basics products from customers: one said the microwave oven was on fire, the other said the USB cable was on fire. At CNN’s request, researchers at the fault analysis laboratory at the center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (calce) at the University of Maryland tested the products. < / P > < p > because the USB cable was burned, the researchers were unable to determine what was wrong. Microwave oven testing found that the panel design covering the internal heating device of the microwave oven could cause the machine to ignite, and it was determined that the panel was fixed in such a way that debris such as food or grease could accumulate behind it and could ignite. As soon as the researchers turned on the microwave, the microwave began to emit sparks and smoke, causing it to react as if the user had placed aluminum foil or other metal in it. Due to the influence of covid-19, the laboratory was closed and the test was interrupted. < / P > < p > “using this machine is definitely risky, it’s a safety risk, because it’s obviously heated to the point where a fire could occur,” said Michael pecht, an engineering professor and founder of calce, who previously helped the government conduct safety investigations. “It’s not just a reliability issue, it’s a potential security issue.” < / P > < p > Amazon did not comment on whether any improvements were made to the microwave oven, but said it was confident that the oven could be used safely and would continue to “meet or exceed” all applicable certification requirements. < / P > < p > according to the retailer, “safety is the company’s top priority” and the company has taken a series of measures to ensure the safety and high quality of all Amazon basic products, such as selecting experienced manufacturers, monitoring customer feedback, and testing products to ensure that they pass safety and compliance standards before and after launch. It also said Amazon basics offers thousands of products, which add up to more than a million reviews, and that concerns will be thoroughly investigated and the company will act accordingly. < / P > < p > “the results of the survey vary from case to case and may include removing the product from the store, adjusting the design of the product, notifying customers to stop using the product, or other appropriate actions,” a spokesperson for Amazon said in a statement. “We hope customers can rest assured shopping, if there are customers with doubts, you can contact customer service, we will investigate.” < p > < p > Amazon said there are many reasons why a product may no longer be available, but it will inform customers if there are critical security issues. When asked how often the company did so, Amazon said it informed customers less than five times about Amazon basics products. It did not say whether it did so for any of the products CNN reviewed. < / P > < p > Amazon has been subject to rigorous scrutiny for allowing third-party sellers to offer suspected dangerous products to conduct business on the site, and a number of court decisions have found that the retailer is liable for defective items sold in its third-party market. < / P > < p > CNN’s analysis focuses on private label products sold by Amazon – a growing part of the retailer’s business. These comments come from people living all over the United States over five years, but they often call attention to very similar issues. < / P > < p > several electrical engineers said that in general, reports of one or two problems can be more easily attributed to user errors or other external factors. However, as the number of reports on the same kind of failure increases, the possibility of defects in design or manufacturing will increase with respect to the same project. “It’s bound to make people more suspicious of the product,” said mark Hollenstein, a professor at Boston University’s School of engineering. &This is a warning. < p > < p > Amazon said customer reviews were only a sign of a potential problem, saying it would consider other factors such as sales history, returns and customer service contacts when assessing potential problems. &It is misleading to use only customer comments to conclude that the product is unsafe or to suggest a wide range of problems, the company said in a statement. < p > < p > former Amazon employees said that even the words & quot; fire & quot; and & quot; danger & quot; in a few comments should automatically prompt retailers to take action. Amazon said the comments would be monitored and could trigger a security investigation, but declined to provide details on the specific threshold required for this to happen. The company said the product may be temporarily removed during such an investigation and that it must be confirmed that it is safe in order to continue to sell something. It also said it would take appropriate measures to inform the government and safely recall products if the investigation found potential, non segregated safety issues;. < / P > < p > under the law, companies must immediately report & quot; potentially hazardous items to the federal consumer product safety commission (CPSC) so that the agency can determine whether a formal recall is required. Enterprises can also cooperate with CPSC to initiate voluntary recall. < / P > < p > in at least 10 reports that specifically mention Amazon basics products, concerns similar to those detailed in Amazon’s comments have been conveyed to CPSC. These complaints involve at least eight different commodities and date back to 2012. < / P > < p > in the U.S., Amazon publicly recalled two Amazon basics products in 2018 and 2019, as the company received 53 reports of overheating of power stores and 25 versions of space heaters that overheated, burned or sparked in the United States. It said it voluntarily informed the CPSC of the company’s own findings and its intention to recall the items. Apart from the two official recalls, the company has never publicly acknowledged any security issues with Amazon basics products. < / P > < p > CPSC states that it is prohibited by law to discuss any goods that have not been recalled