In order to promote the sale of the European and American version of “Ru long 7”, five star games, the distributor of Sega in Australia, has made a “world’s most expensive Ramen” and cooperated with gumshara, a Japanese food shop in Sydney. The value is about 400 Australian dollars (about 1882 yuan) per bowl. Each bowl of ramen has 5kg of high-end lobster head and 10kg of high-quality pig bone, rich ingredients, and a complete lobster, tempura shrimp tail, golden shrimp head, and golden seaweed. < / P > < p > this bowl of ramen is not for sale. Instead, it is given to a lucky person as a prize for Xbox Australia and New Zealand forwarding activities. In addition to this bowl of ramen, the lucky person will also receive a game. < p > < p > < p > “Ru long 7” is a dramatic RPG that has become the latest work in the “dragon” series. The new protagonist will climb step by step in yishizomuyiren Town, Yokohama, with his friends, so that players can experience the thrilling human drama. < / P > < p > the unprecedented large-scale stage, the “dynamic command RPG battle” formed by the integration of dry frame action and RPG command selection system, etc. this work has realized the game weight and revolutionary evolution commensurate with the 15th anniversary of the series. Global Tech

By ibmwl