Some Weibo netizens joked: “funeral level, before my mother to stay in Beijing, but I went on business the next day, so I want to buy her a gift to make up for it. Then I tried it. It was my first and last time. The other party was wearing white gloves and carrying a box in both hands, solemn and serious. The day after I left, he arrived. At that time, my mother’s tears were coming down. She thought it was me in the box There are also netizens jokingly called “similar to the treatment of black coffins.”. According to Jingdong’s official website, “jingzunda” service is a high-end logistics service product launched by Jingdong Logistics. As long as the “jingzunda” service is selected when submitting an order on Jingdong website, the honorary emissary in formal clothes and wearing white gloves will drive the new energy vehicle to the designated place, hold the exquisite gift box, convey the cordial and warm service, create a delivery scene with a strong sense of ceremony, and let the consignees feel the noble courtesy. According to Tianyan app, jingzunda has been registered as a trademark of Beijing Jingdong Century Trade Co., Ltd. as early as 2017. Its international classification involves transportation, storage and advertising sales. At present, the trademark status is “trademark registered”. Global Tech